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    Airplanes and Explosions

    by , 04-05-2011 at 06:06 PM (527 Views)
    Well, this dream was quite... random, and I haven't the slightest clue what spurred it on. I remember the main pieces, but not quite how they connect.

    Also, there are a few names in the dream I prefer not to mention, so it might appear a bit vague.

    It starts out with me, this man I know well, and a few other workers in some foreign location. It reminds me of the moon but with big hills, though it is apparently on earth. The sky is black and we had flown there (can't remember if it was a copter or a plane, but it was military-like I recall) not long earlier. We were doing research and stumbled across this huge berried artifact, which we started to uncover. For some reason, the guy I was with explained how it proved evolution is accurate (which was odd, as he is strongly against it as well as myself). We continue digging and I notice glass emerging, until finally I realize it was a downed jet. For some reason this proved without a doubt that evolution was false, and so this guy started to try and kill us to hide the evidence. I don't remember much about this part, but then it skipped ahead to a strange base that was mostly concrete in all direction with tall concrete walls around the borders.

    For some reason, my sister needed to go back to college for something. She said she would have to go in the morning when my dad gets back so he can fly her over there in our plane and drop her off. I offer to fly her instead, since apparently I knew how (which I absolutely cannot in real life). We hop in the plane and my mother and little sister hop in saying they want to come with. I know it is a good 3 or so hour flight and that we will be going high, then they mention something about the heating not working and the need for blankets. We attempt to take off anyway, and I have the hardest time getting the plane to move how I want. (Think of driving a plane around a city in GTA:SA, that is what it was like. Friggin hard) Somehow I end up on a freeway that is trapped between to hills going down steep. There is an exit that goes of to the right side of the hills and cuts right around the corner. I am trying to steer the stupid plane down the exit and discover that the exit turns into a dock over the sea that is something like a few thousand feet in the air.

    We end up driving the thing off the edge and diving downwards which gives me more control so I pull up just above the water. At this point it turns into a "video game" like feel and I start paying attention to the great detail of the water which has a odd glossy but very detailed reflection on it. We pull up and are apparently in the middle of a dog fight. (The plane changed from a prop to a jet with missiles at some point) There is blue in all directions, with white clouds above. The dream gets very detailed and vivid about now (probably because I was paying great attention to the detail, like I usually do with video games) and I am flying around enemies as my "team mates" are shooting missiles at the enemy. A missile shoots a few yards in front of me and crosses to the right. I can see a trail of smoke and follow the missile until it hits the enemy with a huge overdone explosion that shoots pieces of the plane all over the place.

    The dream continues (though I don't really remember) which involves a few more downs, some from me, some from others, and I end up waking up.

    Not very exciting (though the last bit was fun to experience), but heck I remembered large chunks which is good.

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