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    by , 12-02-2010 at 05:15 PM (505 Views)
    Nothing to epic, but first complete dream I remember in a while.

    The dream starts with me and my parents (rest of my family is non-existent for some reason) at "our house." The house is completely different from our real house, and it is located in the city, where in real life I live in the country. The house is really small with a door that leads directly to a staircase, which makes a u-turn into a single bedroom, where my parents are currently located. Anyway, I hear a knock at the front door and I jog down the stairs and open it. It is a tall man with slightly-longer-than sholder-length grey hair. He looks old (as if from stress not age) and he has a longer face and eyes. He is expressionless as I notice he is holding a knife and starts walking towards me. I stupidly sprint back up stairs with him following, where he then sees my parents. I am not exactly sure what happens here as it all happens real quick, but he goes after my parents, I somehow manage to hop over him and get him to chase me back out of the house.

    I have a strong "adrenaline rush" feeling (if that is even possible in a dream) as I am sprinting down the road with this mad-man running after me. It is night-time and my cries for help seem to go un-noticed. I keep racing down the road between houses as he is getting closer, where I then dart into someones driveway. (Which is more like a small 10-car parking lot between houses) There is a car and random rubble around, which I attempt to use to my advantage. He lunges at me and I dodge where he gets impaled on something. (I don't remember if it was the rubble, or the car in the parking lot, I am guessing the rubble) I have an odd feeling that he is about to lunge at me again, which he does, and I dodge again, where he gets impaled yet again and finally dies. I walk back home to check on my parents where it then switches to another dream, something about flying out the window into space, which I don't remember what happens their either, but I remember part of the space dream.

    All I recall of the space dream is that a friend and I are on an enemy space-craft on a stealth mission, and I am trying to rescue some team-mate from an on-board cell. I don't recall what really happens, but I do remember one part where I am at the base of the ship, where there is a "back door" that opens into space. I could look out, and it was very colorful. There was a large orange-ish planet with lots of stars around that gave a odd mix of blue, yet with a warm feeling. (I don't remember the colors exactly, but it was quite beautiful)

    Another piece of a dream, which I think came before the chase dream was something to do with my (now dead) grandmothers house. She had a pool, and I think the family was trying to figure out how to transfer it to another location since the house was being sold. Somehow it ended up with me and two of my siblings swimming in the pool. For joy.

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