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    Cockroach, sis, and a tree

    by , 04-15-2011 at 06:30 PM (453 Views)
    So, this dream was quite vivid, and though none to exciting it was still enjoyable and actually quite relaxing. I woke up right after the dream, 3am, thinking "Well, that was a pleasant dream."

    So, the dream starts out located in a larger town. I am outside walking down the sidewalk with the road to my left, grass to my right with houses lined about 20 meters over and occasional planted aspens every couple meters.
    I was walking and came across my mum who was telling some childhood story about crushing a cockroach. I was just thinking, "but it is impossible to kill cockroaches!" When this good 4-5 inch long cockroach comes crawling across the pathway, apparently wanting revenge for being stepped on by my mum. My mum continues to step on the cockroach as I watch, and she ends up with a good jump crushing its head (somehow). It sits for a second, un-flattens then crawls into the grass and I state, "See? Impossible to kill cockroaches!"

    At this point my mom disappears and the sun barely starts setting. I see someone's driveway and walk up it for some reason, noticing this HUGE tree that looks very climbable (The kind of tree where there are branches 1-3 feet in diameter). I think I will grab my little sis so we can "explore" the tree and have a little fun. I run back across the various lawns of houses, coming up to "our house" (which is nothing like our house) where I see my little sis. We also have a big tree so I decide to try climbing it a bit while telling her about the large tree I found. She asks about how big the branches are and I put my arm in a circle (touching my hip) to show her how big, while hanging from our tree by my other hand. She complains it is too small and dangerous to climb, but in the end I convince her to join me.

    I random race starts between us towards the tree. At this point the scenery changes and it is in the middle of the day and very vivid. I find as I race my little sis that while running I can simple take REALLY long strides as I sort of hover over the ground as long as my legs are in the "running" position. I am booking at what feels like a good 30-40 miles an hour with my sis keeping up easy. The scenery is lush green grass everywhere, no longer in a town. There are scattered trees on both sides, but mostly it is fields. In front of me quite a few meters ahead the ground drops down in a steep (probably 45 degree) hill. As we approach this steep hill, which goes down a good mile (if not longer) I notice were are barely above and looking down upon many huge mountain ranges below with a blue misty color over them and a bright blue sky with the sun clearly visible. We start racing down the hill at top speed where the dream starts to fade and I wake up.

    Not the most exciting dream, but that last part especially was a very nice experience.

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