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    Extremely long full-night adventure

    by , 01-15-2011 at 07:53 PM (544 Views)
    I had a very long dream last night that lasted the whole night (sprawled over multiple dreams). Sadly I only remember chunks (thankfully large ones) so here goes:

    It all starts off with our family heading off to a friend’s house. The family we are visiting doesn’t exist in real life, and I am not sure if I actually knew them in the dream either. Anyway, we are at their house, it is daytime, their house is long and rectangular, and it is plopped in the middle of a field. Tthere are no roads and the grass is rough and short in all directions as far as the eye can see with no trees. We are eating and fellowshipping and “getting to know eachother” I suppose. I don’t quite remember the transition, but I somehow end up shrunk and inside the body of the father with some mission do destroy revolting red blood cells or something.
    I don’t really remember most of this section, however there is a part when I am trying to destroy some evil red blood cells (they are about as big as 3 or 4 life rafts and as tall as my chest. Everywhere is red, I don’t recall if I had a breathing device or not. But there are strands, and tissues, etc. I meet this man in there (which later in the dream my memory changes to me having met a girl which I later actually fall in love with in the dream) and he sort of follows me around and helps me out. He warns me of the white blood cells, where if they see us they will attack and dissolve us in an instant. Why of course right then and there approaches a white blood cell and I start scrambling around trying to escape.(Basically they are like white versions of the red blood cell with a little more goo). Inside the body was basically like a giant cave that twisted in all directions with strands of red flesh (sorta like pillars) everywhere. However as we were in fluid, you could sort of run/swim/float around. I have a hard time trying to escape the white blood cell as I find it difficult to move. I am again transferred to my next part of the dream.

    This part of the dream happened, then was constantly referred to throughout the rest of the dream so I am not sure EXACTLY when it actually happened. I am just placing it here. In the dream we are in a building ready for a wedding. Supposedly me, this girl (we will just call her Suzy, because she looked similar to a character I know called Suzy. She was also the daughter of our friends father in the previous section), and this “friend” of mine (Though Suzy was supposedly the one that helped me out in the body episode, it could be also that this “friend” was the one as well. So though it was one person, it resulted in two dream characters) are all getting married. As odd as it is, it is supposedly me and this guy both marrying Suzy. We supposedly had this great adventure and became extremely strong friends (and I fell in love with Suzy, and though it was in the dream, it felt like real love, not just simulated). This adventure I don’t remember (though I did get brief flashes of the adventure (false memories that I can’t recall), OR it could be the last part I recall of the dream, which I think it could have been in part (though Suzy didn’t actually appear that much in it, and the “flashes” show a lot more team involvement), which I will get to in a bit. As for the building, it had a back room where we were walking out of, connected to a really looong room (same dimensions from front to back, but very long from left to right) with seats then a concave area where there was a small stage where we walked to and stood. The ceremony started, and I couldn’t help but notice that my family was just barely visible around the corner to the right. Constant thoughts of regret, nervousness, and worries kept creeping into my head. Not only was one that I had confirmed never to get married (a reality in real life), but there was something I knew about this guy that scared me with the idea of him marrying Suzy. Also, I most certainly didn’t want to have this guy marry Suzy alongside me. So when it came to my turn on the vows, I sort of stood there silenced and worried. At this point I noticed a tear going down Suzy’s face, which almost hurt to watch. However, I translated it as a, “Why are you doing this? Don’t do it, you don’t have to sacrifice yourself for me!”. I stopped, told everyone I had to wait a moment, then ran down the left of the room (far off) to think. I think it was my dad (maybe mum) that came up and asked what was happening. I explained that I really didn’t want to have a double marriage like this, and the reason I was doing it was because the guy I knew could get really violent, and once the passion or infatuation wore down with him, it wouldn’t be long until he became one of those husbands that abused his wife. So for this I wanted to be able to keep an eye on him. I don’t remember quite the conversation that happened, but I was then convinced for me to jump out of the marriage. So, I walked back up onto stage and pronounce something along these lines (on the spot, all while thinking furiously of what to say. Also, I was unable (and still am) to recall Suzy’s and the guy’s actual names) “I have decided it is best for me to cancel my part in this marriage, so that… the marriage… will rather be between … (trying to remember their names) just two friends… (some other blubber that completely embarrasses me, that I don’t recall. It was a made up reason for why I was doing it, because I couldn't just pronounce that the guy would beat his wife). I then walk into the back room sad, tearing (teering? … that is to say watery eyes) a little. I pull out a picture of Suzy and start looking at it, though for some reason her head is wrong and I try to think of ways to fix that.

    This next section is spread throughout the dream, but I will just place it here (it was also quite short). I don’t remember most of it, but it took place at my grandmothers old house. She was (and is) dead at the time, and I somehow inherited the house. It involved my dad sending me out to have a new key made for the lock (so that the lock would be different and the workers couldn’t get in to steal things). No matter what I tried I couldn’t get the info of where the key mold, nor the locksmith were and dad would get increasingly angry whenever I asked (which is a ton more frightening in dreams than in real life). I had to take the car (which was my grandmothers old car I guess) and try to find it. I never made it out of the driveway before this section ended. (this is the one out of place part of the dream)

    This last section greatly resembles parts from the series “Keys to the Kingdom” written by Garth Nix (Heh, you can tell what I have been reading recently -.-" ). I don’t exactly remember where it starts, but there is a section where Suzy and I are on this giant creature (Intelligent, could talk, and it flew. Perhaps giant bird? Though I recall the flesh had no feathers and was leathery-like, though not a dragon). The creature was evil, and was taking us to the edge of the world I suppose. We could somewhat steer it, but with difficulty. There were lush green islands in the sea, and the sea was a rich blue as we passed over it at fast speeds. I could see large waves rolling by, until I noticed the “edge” of the sea. It was like a constant crashing wave (very tall) made out of cloud, or mist. I don’t remember my thinking, but for some reason I thought it was good and we steer the creature t’words it a little. As we just barely pass through things become black’ish and sort of flash a blue tinted world as the creature laughs manically. I then hear a friend (a large sailor guy) in my ear (though somehow he is back at wherever we came from) shouting “What are you doing? Come back, that world is dangerous and just being there will kill you!” (It was more of a different dimension than a different world) I struggle with the creature trying to get it to go back. With great effort the creature (which has now turned into a thin-paper like creature) turns around and we fly back out. Some part of the dream I don’t remember happens, that is really important. One small section of it that I DO remember is I am on an island where I meet up with “The Will” in its fish form (so the third part I suppose, though it’s personality was different, though just as stupid and frustrating). The next section I remember is I am on a different Island. It is dark around (perhaps I am inside? It isn’t actually dark “outside”) viewing this evil lady in a room who supposedly stole power from me. She knows I am there and there is some conversation between us, something happens to her, I don’t remember, but it all results in me being captured with the intent of me being killed. The people on the Island all support her, so there is a large crowd near the edge of the water where Suzy and I are led. (Really “Suzy” doesn’t appear much in this section, but she is always sort of “there”) We are to be thrown over the edge to this shark. At this point the dream switches to 3rd person, where the rest of it had been 1st person. I am looking down as these huge jaws come out of the water and I am thrown into them. The jaws close, and I can feel it swallow (though I am watching this happen to me from far away). It goes under where it reveals that large sailor guy, my “friend”, and the fish (the will, which supposedly informed them of where I was) below the water next to the beast (which is supposedly friendly, and not a shark at all. Chosen to fool the evil lady because of its large jaws) . They struggle a little to get the thing to spit me out, which it then does with a shark-like equivalent of a last-effort puppy face and I am given oxygen from a large scuba-tank like device. Next comes Suzy, same story as me, just repeated. Something else happens in the dream I don’t remember then I gradually wake myself up.

    So yeah... very long story that spanned over multiple dreams. I don't usually share these dreams that have personal parts to them (such as the marriage), but for whatever reason I decided to share this one. The dream itself felt like it lasted for 3-4 hours. Whether this is accurate or not, I don't know.

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