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    Quick dream to nowhere

    by , 04-10-2011 at 05:20 PM (547 Views)
    And this greatly shows me why I need to be a bit more dedicated to keeping a dream journal.

    Had a lucid last night, technically breaking my dry spell which has lasted over half a year. However, I remember so little of it it just is depressing, but here goes:

    In the middle of the dream, I don't recall why, but I realize that I am dreaming and become lucid. Instantly I think of drawing a portal, as I have an entire world designed I have been meaning to try and visit. My location is in some building (in the rest of the dream it was more like a death trap) where I am currently standing in a short downwards-sloping hallway. Large wall to my left with a wooden rail, and sholder-height wall to my right that increases as you go down. Huge glass roof arcing over the building and the exit of the hallway behind me opens up to the rest of the building, while the bottom goes into a tunnel like area and turns right.

    I place my finger under the rail and on the wall (it was rather high, probably around the height of my chest) and try burning an arc in an upside-down "U" shape. (This was my pre-dream planned method of creating a portal. To burn the entry and let the portal form) It took a few traces as the burn marks were sorta light, but I managed to finish and the portal automatically opened into clear blue. (Which didn't much resemble where I was attempting to go.) While I was doing this, it constantly felt like I was almost waking up, because the sunlight was hitting me in the eyes in my dream (which probably wasn't far off, as I woke up BEFORE this dream and it was already 5am. Likely it really was the sun). I ran my hand along the rail and *oddly* tried to see if it had a scent. It did, and smelled strongly of tree sap. This helped stabilize as I was drawing the portal.

    However, as it turns out I do have a false awakening and lose lucidity. Oddly enough, the false awakening takes place in the same odd building, however the previous dream story continues. This makes it feel like the story before hand was real life, so I completely lost lucidity.

    The dream itself was rather blurry. Not visually or in any of the senses, actually, that was rather clear. It was like a mental blur where I couldn't focus, and things just felt... unstable.

    Meh, disappointing dream, but at least I broke my dry spell. So yay for that!

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