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    LUCIDITY, F**K YEAAAH !!! ... but c'mon, seriously ?

    by , 02-28-2013 at 03:57 PM (389 Views)
    I DID IT! Finally some real lucidity (DILD) !

    How can it be so random? I mean - I got the first one at about 6 am - (Non-lucid part) I was outside the block of flats where I used to live with my parents when I was a kid. I was actually just headed for the entrance, but I met 2 guys - they looked like some mafia types. The only thing I could think of was "pretending to be a werewolf" (wtf?! Too much Skyrim I guess). So I ran towards them, roaring. And what did they do? Started playing werewolves, too!! That was funny. Then they somehow disappeared. I proceeded towards a house ahead of me (It actually exists and even looks the same, so ok). Suddenly I heard my band mates talking somewhere above. I looked up and they were standing on a balcony, chatting about a chick that I know, but only actually met her once (she lives quite far away). They don't know her IRL, but I accepted it as logical anyway ( ). Then I went inside the house and upstairs to meet them. The guitarist said that my mother called and said she wants to meet us outside. So we went back out. Mom arrived by a car (the one she really owns IRL). Okay. But that person was somebody completely different, not my mom. She had black hair, she was tall and a bit over-weight (My mom is the exact opposite - short thin blonde). But yeah, sure, for some reason, it was my mom and I couldn't tell otherwise. The others acted as if it was right, too. And then someone else got out of the car - That chick I talked about earlier. The hell would she be doing there? Nah, no lucidity again. Anyway, we decided to go to the apartment where we used to live. So we all went inside the building, took the stairs... and as we reached the flat, there were about 30 more people with us, all headed inside with us. No idea who they were. But THAT was not what I was concerned with. 'Cos it sounds completely normal, right? What I WAS concerned with, though, was that the apartment normaly was on the 4th floor. AND NOW IT WAS ON THE 5TH ! Right under the roof! No way! This must be a dream! *pushes fingers through his palm*.. and it gave way ! Hah! Then I finaly noticed the other people aren't supposed to be there. I remembered to control myself - so I don't get too excited. I thought - let's make sure (of course I couldn't be sure whether that was a dream, with all the ordinary things happening around me ), so I levitated about 6 feet above the ground. I could see another guy in the crowd levitating, too. Really cool. I wanted to see a familiar face. I remember talking to the chick while taking the stairs, so I shouted "Hey, Annie!" (Her RL name). I though I could pull her up from the crowd. Too daring I guess, 'cos at that moment, it was over.

    The whole "lucid part" lasted about ...10 seconds? And as much as I tried to focus on the dream and be as calm as possible, I just saw a white screen appear and then it transformed into the wall in my room. I was awake.

    But, I remembered dutchraptor's DEILD guide I read yesterday, so even though I opened my eyes, I still felt my body taken over by paralysis. I gave it a shot. Well, more shots, probably.. . I was lying in my bed, motionless, for about 30 minutes. But probably due to my mind still going crazy about how I finally made it and also for being mad that I was kicked out so fast, I couldn't go back to sleep. So I thought "Screw it!", rolled to my side and just went to sleep. At least I got something, I thought.

    I thought I was still awake and that I should just get up, when I was still lying on my bed after quite a while. It was light outside, anyway. Who cares if the bedroom looked nothing like my real one and that there was my GF (okay) and my former classmate from elementary school, who was now supposed to live here with us (o... eh..? okay...?? NO! Not okay! ). Or so the GOD DAMN ANOTHER DREAM I WAS IN IMPLIED!

    But my dream self's dumb side was in full control again. My GF then said "There are some people in the hallway, lying on the floor, asleep". I thought "What? Oh yeah, it's probably that crowd of people that tagged along with us, with the levitating guy, my bandmates, Annie, etc. I remember them coming with us, so we probably threw a party or something (Are you kidding me? This is not that appartment and those people were dream characters! Oh boy... ). And then I said - What is John doing here? (That E. school classmate). My GF said: "He lives here with us, don't you remember?" (Oh yeah, of course I remember, since you said so ). So I got up and went to check the people in the hallway. I opened the door and there were a couple people lying right behind them. Or .. well. Human-sized wooden dolls, to be more accurate. And they were lying in wardrobes. Like - you know - when an illusionist is trying to slice someone in half and the people always hide inside those boxes, so you can only see their head and feet. But this actually looked like a wooden wardrobe. Sooo... I asked the first guy ... doll... what he's doing there. The wooden doll with red/blue hat looked at me and said: "Don't you see? I am STAN MARSH!" ....
    YES! Of course, you are a wooden doll of Stan Marsh, the guy from South Park, you are lying on my floor in a wardrobe! Nice to meet you!!
    Then I stepped over him and a couple more people that were lying on the floor (in ... wardrobes... ). The hallway was at least three times the size of the real one. And you know what? There was a bench. A friggin' bench in the middle of the room. THAT was the one single thing that made me LUCID ! I climbed up the bench, and as I stood on it, I thought "I made it again! This time, I'm not going to be disposed of THAT easily!"
    And I swear I could "hear the dream think": "Oh, you think so?". In a second, it started happening again, everything fading into white. "No, no", I said. I focused on the ground. I even started SPINNING around like an idiot!
    Bah. It got me again. Just you wait the next time!


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