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    The Unforgettable Story

    by , 02-14-2013 at 05:14 PM (513 Views)
    Ok, so this is not a dream I had today, but one that I feel I will never forget. It wasn't lucid, but never before have i witnessed such a perfect story take place in my dream. I had this one about a year ago, but I'm new here and wanted to share this with other people. There are many references that would probably not make much sense to anyone but me. Still, I've tried to keep as much of the original content as unchanged as possible. I'm also going to include pictures of people the DCs were based on, or whom they resembled the most, so you might get a better idea what they were like. Those are either famous people (some you might probably recognize), or just those I know from my life (friends, former classmates, etc.). I've also given the DCs those people's names, to be able to refer to them somehow. Also, I'm sorry for my English, I'm not a native speaker, but I'll try my best.

    Alright, so here we go:

    The main protagonist of this story wasn't me. I was just a spectator, but somehow, I felt connected to him. You know, like when you play a 3rd person video game .

    The "hero's" name was Johnny


    One day, he was riding his bike in the countryside. After a while, he noticed an abandoned village. Actually, it was just a couple of crumbled huts. There was a road leading to them, so he wanted to take a closer look, but the road was barred. When he looked in the direction of the huts again, he noticed something he didn't see before. There were some strange scarecrow-like things jumping around. Yes, jumping, because they had valve springs instead of legs. And they wore silk hats. They didn't seem like something Johnny would want to approach, so he hid behind a bush by the road. Suddenly, he heard a noise of a car arriving from inside the "village". The car stopped for a moment, waited for the bars to open and proceeded through, stopping again only after a few meters. It was a red cabrio, pretty old model, but looked new nonetheless. Just like this:


    The driver resembled a ringmaster


    (That is pretty much him, only he had black clothes). He was aware of Johnny hiding behind the bush and told him to come closer. Johnny hesitated, but decided to leave his hiding spot and approach the guy. "Beware what you wish for!", the ringmaster told him. Then he let Johnny enter the village and drove off. Johnny started walking down the road towards the huts. The "scarecrows" were gone. Weird thing was that the huts seemed to increase i number. There were maybe 4 - 5 huts now, and they even seemed to be in a better state than before. Johnny wanted to examine the place, so he entered one of the huts. There was a little hallway and a door that led to another room. He could see golden light emanate from the room behind. When he passed through the door, he was standing in a large room with a huge pile of CD's in the middle. There was a boy lying on his stomach at the top of the pile, shouting: "Thank you! Thank you for allowing us to discover this place!" Suddenly, more people started barging in the room. They were mostly teens with large sport bags. In an instant, it became apparent that this place was ... a boarding house.

    Johnny then decided to leave the building. But with opening the door leading outside, it was like entering another world. There weren't just a few huts anymore. There was a big city instead, with crowds of people everywhere. Even some skyscrappers started to rise from the ground. The only thing that stayed was the only road in the middle of the town. There was a school building across the road, so Johnny decided to investigate some more. Upon entering, he saw a few people he knew. He walked up to them and asked what's going on here. They told him they attend the school and also live in this town. That didn't make any sense, as he knew them from before and knew that wasn't the truth. They were his former classmates. They were in a classroom and the students suddenly began to take their seats. A teacher was probably supposed to come. But nobody came. So they all just sat there, talking. The classmates started explaining that this is a place where all wishes come true. On the other hand, everything evil is banned here. The scarecrows roaming around town are here to watch over everyone and their task is to dispose of everything "evil" they stumble upon.

    Suddenly, one of the classmates stood up on their desk. It was Anette:


    She declared that she loves Johnny. Just like that, out of the blue. That left him surprised for a moment, but then he gladly accepted it. He climbed up the desk and the two started kissing. In a few seconds, they were levitating in the air, a few meters above the desk. Then they slowly descended to the ground. The whole classroom was cheering and applauding. Johnny recognised one of the guys standing nearby as the one lying on the pile of CDs a while ago. He introduced himself as Pete:


    They were chatting for a while. Pete explained that his family is in a terrible situation. He doesn't get along with his father, his mom has some serious illnes and his grandma died some time ago. He was just visiting her when she died. She was disliked by many and didn't care, but she was always there for Pete. It was a great loss for him. When she was dying, she gave him some kind of a porcelain jar. She told him it was very rare and holds a special power that might possibly cure mom. When returning home after her death, he came across this village. He felt dragged in by some invisible force and chose to stay for a while. But after spending some time here, when he wanted to leave, he couldn't. There was no way out of the village, as if he was still in the same place while walking in any direction.

    Then the school bell rang and everyone was headed out of the building. The news about "The levitating pair" spread fast. Everyone in town knew them. Everyone was amazed and maybe a bit envious about how much the two are able to do due to their love and passion. Johnny stood at the entrance to school and noticed a huge skyscrapper across the street that wasn't there before. It had signs saying "Pearl Group" all over it. "What?" He thought. Pearl Group was a company he worked for. How did it get here? He wanted answers. He went through the main entrance and stepped in a huge hall which looked like an airport. There were even those big metal detectors you have to pass through in order to proceed. And there was security staff too. One of the guards was a dark haired girl named Gloria:

    http://tinyurl.com/beaqo42 (excuse the links, but the site only allows me to attach 5 pictures to a post)

    When Johnny passed through the metal detector, she approached to search him anyway. As she got closer, she recognized him as the "levitating guy". She was jealous and hated Anette for getting this guy. But then she noticed him staring at her. She smelled a chance, grabbed him and kissed him. In a hall full of people. He didn't try to stop her. He enjoyed it. She laughed and left him standing there. After a moment, he shook it off and continued to proceed upstairs. He needed to see Daniel, the boss of Pearl Group:


    He got to the top floor. There was a single office. Daniel's office. Johnny entered the room and Daniel was welcoming him with a smile. But Johnny went straight to the point. "How did you get here?", "What are you doing here?". And so Daniel started explaining: "There are possibilites in this city like nowhere else in the world. We will become the most powerful corporation ever. Anything the company needs, we can wish for and we get it. Buildings, employees, anything. We have everything we can think of." That left Johnny seriously disgusted, although he couldn't help but feel guilty. He worked for them, after all. And it was him who discovered the village. They just followed him there somehow. He turned around and left the room without a word.

    When returning to the ground floor, he saw a huge crowd of people shouting and yelling at someone. Then he saw it. Anette and Gloria were standing in the middle, almost fighting. He ran towards them. There was a smug smirk on Gloria's face, but with Anette, it was different. She was mad as hell. "How could you?!", she screamed at Johnny. "You've destroyed everything!" She slapped him and walked away. The rest of the crowd seemed to suddenly disregard him. Someone even threw something at him. "Boo! Boo!", the people went, pointing fingers. Then they stopped paying attention to him.

    Meanwhile, something happened in the hut Pete resided in. While he was out in town, one of the scarecrows sneaked inside. In his bedroom, there was a large bedside table with the jar his grandma gave him placed on it. But Pete's grandma was considered a bad person among people while she lived, even if only for not talking to others and keeping to herself. And the scarecrow knew that. Or, more precisely, he felt a negative energy emanating from the jar. He didn't care why it was so. After all, the scarecrows were just mindless beings programmed by god-knows-who to get rid of everything they didn't consider "right". So he (or it, for that matter), grabbed the jar and smashed it to pieces.

    When Pete returned to the hut, he was shocked to see the pieces lying on the floor. He felt a wave of anger clouding his mind. His mother's only hope was lost. "That's it!" He thought. "I'm done with this town." He furiously headed outside, determined to get as far from there as possible. While rushing through town, he ran into Johnny. He didn't look too happy either. "What's wrong?", Pete asked. "This place is not for me...", Johnny replied. "That makes two of us", Pete said. "Let's leave, I'm full of this place", he added. Johnny nodded in approval. They both got on Pete's motorcycle (Yes, it somehow magically appeared, they probably wished it to be there ), and started racing towards the edge of the town. If there even was an edge anymore. The city was growing faster than they were able to get away from it. New skyscrappers rising from the ground one by one right next to them in the blink of an eye, with "Pearl Group" signs everywhere. And then, something clicked. Johnny realized that the power lies on his side. He immediately focused his thoughts on getting out of the town. And indeed, after a while, they made it to the place where the road was barred. There was also a small booth for a security guard which wasn't there before, but they were allowed to pass through nonetheless. The guys left the town behind and were now making their way through the suburbs towards the countryside. Johnny turned around to check how far from the city they are, but there was no trace of it anywhere. It was gone.

    The two kept driving for some time, until they finally stopped at a bus stop in the middle of nowhere. "What now?", Johnny asked. "I need to see my mom...", Pete replied. Then they took off again. After some time, they reached a place with a few houses. They stopped in front of the one with a wooden fence. "Here", Pete said. "I'll wait here", Johnny assured him. Pete got off the bike and passed through the wooden fence. He appeared in a large garden with a huge cubical building. It was an underpass. So he proceeded through, exiting on the other side, finding himself in front of a big old apartment building. He opened the huge cranky door and entered the building. There was a hallway inside, with stairs at the far end, separated by a glass barrier with another door in it. When Pete opened the other door, he stopped in his tracks. A person was standing there. It was his father. He didn't look one bit surprised to see Pete. He definitely seemed devastated, though. Pete came up to him, asking: "... Mom?"
    "Your mother just died..." his father replied.
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    1. gab's Avatar
      Wow, that's one complex and detailed dream. Do you have dreams with good detail often?
    2. BjStrife's Avatar
      I often remember many dreams with a lot of detail each night, but this one was an extreme. I had a few more dreams that were kinda close to this one in terms of complexity, though.

      I remember having this dream after watching a movie that I was searching for about 10 years. When I was a kid, I watched this movie "Spirited Away". I never knew the name of the movie, but during all the years, I couldn't get it out of my head, although I had no clue what movie it was. And about a year ago, due to a series of "coincidences", I stumbled upon it again and it was... incredible. To finally see it again after all that time - the movie that's been haunting me for all these years - of course it had to have an impact on my dreams. And this dream definitely seems like something greatly influenced by the world presented in SA.
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      Updated 02-15-2013 at 12:42 PM by BjStrife
    3. Lucidpotential's Avatar
      Hey BjStrife
      Amazing dream. Interesting how the town/city was slowly evolving. Nice having the girls fighting over you too.
      Good work on the presentation.
    4. BjStrife's Avatar
      Thanks LP

      Actually, the main character wasn't really me.. although it was. Hard to explain . But the guy called Johnny is actually my former classmate. Still, the dream kinda placed me into his position.
    5. Sibyline's Avatar
      Viva la Gloria!
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