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    1. Another one of the 4 demons

      by , 07-02-2013 at 03:55 PM
      This was yesterday morning. I woke up around 4 am from a lucid nightmare. In it, my husband Adam and me were at a place getting the car fixed, but the mechanic shop was not a 'shop' it was a huge dumping site, excavated land, recently emptied of trash, people were walking around scrounging for the last usable pieces of trash they could find, they were wearing zipped up haz-mat suits and wearing goggled facial masks as if they were walking in a place unsuitable to breathe in, but the air was fine. I remember 4 people dressed like that. They were spraying something on the ground. I was near the car and talking to Rosa, an internet friend of mine, and Adam was outside. Rosa touched my arm and told me "Adam is dead, I think he's been killed." I fly to the dump site, land and i'm next to his body, hes laying on his back, looking asleep and peaceful, but clearly dead, hes got no pulse and hes not breathing. The 4 masked/suited people look at me and i look at them, no words are exchanged but they know that i know they had sprayed toxic fumes and Adam breathed it in.

      Dream changes and I am transporting adams body in a casket, by hearse-bus (a huge bus built just to haul a funeral casket in reality this does not exist im sure), to somewhere up north for burial. im meeting his dad. im at some school building, sitting on the steps just outside of the building, and then Adam (who is dead in the casket on the bus which is parked near by) walks up to me and sits down beside me, and we talk, as we normally would if he were alive and well. we talk about what needs to be done, our happiness and thankfulness for life together, how we wanted more time, and how he hopes i am ready to live life without him, but he also says that he is still there, and always will be. suddenly i run to the casket inside the bus and open it and there on adams chest are 3 black feathers, like from a raven/blackbird. i pick them up and run back to where adam is still waiting for me at the steps, and show them to him, and say 'Look. These are the gifts you gave me.' he said 'yes. i hope you keep them.'

      backs story - Adam is in reality, struggling to stay alive. he's been deathly ill for months, and has had multiple strokes since February of this year, which have left him partially blind, unable to use the left side of his body, agoraphobic, and unable to track time/think clearly. he was saved and baptised in may of this year, so i wonder if the death in the dream was of his old life before Christ.

      the blackbird feathers.... 'Blackbird' was the first song he taught me to sing, the first one we performed live as a duet, and the first one he taught me how to play on the guitar.

      i also have to wonder about the 4 suited hazmat people who 'killed him'. see, back in may, right after he was baptized, i dreamed of 4 demons who had been cast out of Adam, i posted this in my journal its titled "Will never forget this one!". i wonder if they attacked him, or this was simply to make us aware that they are still close by. in the first dream, they were all highly charismatic, enchanting musicians, just like Adam. they were trying to get MY attention, to get adam to come back, because adam was either unable to sense them/ignoring them. in this dream, they were hidden behind masks, in essence, attacking him unseen.

      after his stroke, adam could no longer play or sing - after a lifetime of being a musical genius, songwriter, stage performer and recording artist. he mourned the loss of that more than anything else. i remember the woman who did the baptising (another musician, bless her), praying over him asking God to heal him of his afflictions, release him from his addictions, and if God saw it fit for adam to ever be able to pick up his guitar and play again and sing, that God would use him for His work in whatever way God deemed fit. its taken 4 months, but adam is finally able to use his left hand well enough to chord the guitar for a few minutes each day before the pain of using that hand becomes too much,and the strength in his voice is coming back slowly as well. he had another small stroke a few days ago, and since then his right hand (the good one) wont stop shaking, and the left one feels numb. its another healing process, another reminder of why he and i both need to be strong, together and as individuals. he blew me away two days ago when he asked me to google the lyrics to Amazing Grace, a song that until he came to know Jesus just 6 weeks ago he never thought much about. and he belted that song out, with all his strength. his voice that was left withered and cracked after the stroke, sounded like crystal, resounding such healing energy.

      I spoke to Rosa about the dream, and she said that she believes that north is the direction in which healing comes from. She also said she believes the blackbird feathers are healing, as is any combination of the number 3. She's Metis (NA).
    2. Will never forget this one!

      by , 05-21-2013 at 07:43 PM
      Its been at least a month since I last logged in. I've been busy taking care of my husband Adam. Its been 3 months since his stroke, and he is healing in every way! Starting from the spirit and working down to his toes!!

      9 days ago Adam was baptized right here in the campground where we live, just outside our door. it was 2 days after that, that I had the dream I will remember til my last breath.

      I was driving my car, me and Adam were going to the bank. I parked outside our bank and we both got out. Outside the entrance to the bank were 4 street musicians, each playing an instrument (I think 2 were stringed, 2 were flutes). They looked well dressed and normal, like you would see performing on a street corner,except these men all had red skin. Adam ignored them and walked straight into the bank (he would never in real life ignore a musician, because he is one). But it was like he didn't even register that they were there. I walked up to them, stood close to them. Up close I could see that their red skin was covered in rolls of wrinkles, boils, and blisters. I knew what they were, but I wasn't afraid. The one closest to me leaned forward, still playing the stringed instrument he was holding, and began to speak to me. Deafness washed over me. I didn't hear the music or what it said to me. This was a band of demons, expelled out of Adam when he was baptised. I calmly but firmly said "Get back - Jesus has him."

      Instantly it was pushed back from me, and I was 30+ feet from the entrance of the bank with an angel on each side of me. I was surrounded by their light and I could hear the lights warmth (I know that sounds weird, hearing warmth, but I cant describe it any other way). I wanted to be with Adam,so I was instantly in the bank. No walking required. The inside was simply a white room. People were walking around, some with their head down, some talking to their self, others interacting. Very few were talking to other people. Some people were in line, some were at the front of the line. I found Adam in line and joined him,and from there, he wrapped his arm around me and we talked about what we needed to do while we were in town.

      The white room I think, represented people who love God. Some of them were quiet and not talking to others, instead keeping counsel with their own self, refusing to let go of the self....walking head down,ashamed to be known for their love for God. Others in line were waiting for direction, listening and following in obedience, living in tune with God, they knew their old self was dead. It was sad to see how many Christians were wandering with their head down, hiding, hoping not to be seen.

      This was the most powerful dream I've ever had. It was lucid, and at the same time simple and clear. I'll never forget coming face to face with the demon that once inhabited my husband. it wanted him back....it spoke to me because Adam wouldn't acknowledge it - which is because Adam COULDN'T see it after he was baptized. I know when the deafness washed over me,it was pleading with me -- so it could get Adam to make him fall, make him doubt....

      WE'VE GOT NEWS FOR YOU, SATAN.... YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM OR ME ANYMORE!!!! God's building Adam up from scratch since his stroke, and building me up as well - and what ever comes of it will be for Gods glory,so BACK UP!!!!!

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    3. flying to find my son, yuck...

      by , 04-28-2013 at 01:00 PM
      Had another flying dream, but this time I was near my sons school, it was night, and there was some sort of evil thing I was battling. Objects, big heavy ones, were thrown at me by something unseen, and I dodged them all. The road under my feet changed, but I remember I would just change direction to stay on it. Then I jumped up into the air and spread my arms to fly, and it was like pushing through invisible mud. I did it because I had to find my son. Found him, landed beside him, and woke up.

      The mind of my daughter is a beautiful, bright place. ("flying with my daughter" shows that).
      The mind of my son, is just....whew....dark and scary. I wish I could rescue him from THAT.
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    4. flying with my daughter

      by , 04-21-2013 at 08:52 PM
      First of all, I'm sorry for the absence (again). Good thing I'm not a mod, like I wanted to be a few months ago. Adam's had a stroke, but he is recuperating. I think recuperating is different from recovering. Recovering sounds like things will be the same as they used to be - things will never be like they were, and in many ways, that's a good thing.

      My dream that I had today, as I slept late for the first time in weeks and caught up on much needed rest, was beautiful. I was inside of a multi-story building with my 12 year old daughter, Kat. Somehow the building was a dragon (?), and the balcony was its mouth. we held hands and jumped off the balcony together, floating harmlessly high into the air, and landing together in a lush green park, with pink flowers, white flowers, every kind of flower, and clear water bubbling in a brook nearby. several time, over and over, we flew and landed sometimes jumping up to fly, others simply lifting off without any effort. I remember seeing a rust-red dragon flying in the distance, but it never approached us, never caused us any harm, we were in no danger. It was just relaxing and very nice. I woke up refreshed, feeling my daughter and me had spent time together, just us, making a memory.
    5. Pharaoh?

      by , 03-21-2013 at 09:41 PM
      I haven't watched any documentaries on ancient Egypt lately, so I have no idea why I dreamed about a Pharaoh. But anyway.

      I remember the bald headed Pharaoh, the apparent "wife" wearing dreadlocks down to the shoulder, skin much darker than portrayed in movies. Appeared a little greasy, but this was the norm. I saw a maiden, servant girl and a very young heir (little boy wearing a loin cloth/skirt), who I was chasing after. The servants wore dark red/burgundy with leather belts for clothing. The royals wore white trimmed in a edge of blue, with gold everywhere manageable. Pharaoh spoke to me and made eye contact, which for some reason did not seem strange, even though I was not a royal. He was very cordial, pleasant, not the prick I would expect. I remember something about a mosaic, tile, wall-sized "painting" that Pharaoh was giving his directions on what he wanted, and a floor rug that was rolled up and carried to another room, and the walls were teal blue. OK, so.... the king was decorating.
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    6. meh....legs, tiny black holes, and a dress shop

      by , 03-10-2013 at 01:45 PM
      And I promise. All without the aid of any "dream enhancer."

      I'm pretty sure I know the hidden meanings, but I want to write it down anyway, cause parts of it are so darn weird.

      It started out, with me being about 4-5 years old. My mother even had her 70's hairstyle and she was young again It was night time and I had a twin sister (IRL I dont even have a sibling, let alone a twin). Somehow I found out when I was 5 that I had my right leg cut off just below the hip (mid thigh say), I was walking around on a prosthetic leg (ugly plastic barbie doll leg made for "5 year old me"). Then I was healed - suddenly my natural leg was back under me, and no one wanted to tell me that I had once even lost my leg or worn a prosthetic - it was like "pretend it never happened", but somehow I learned that this whole thing had happened, I had a moment of lucid realization (wow, shocker to hear that at a lucid dreaming forum), and suddenly I was filled with exhilaration because I knew about this, and I knew I wasn't supposed to know about it. For some reason, the "missing leg" also included a "missing twin sister", they were somehow connected. Dream changes.

      I'm in a strange little dress shop, filled with ORANGE, and in-your-face colorful clothes that I wouldn't be caught dead in. A friend of mine named Ace was there, and he had something in his hand, looked like a tiny galaxy but it was a tiny black hole/vortex that was sucking everything, even light, he was catching these things, they were quite a few of them hidden in the clothing of this shop, and we were going around finding them. I was cautioning him about touching them, saying "You might lose a leg doing that so be careful" and I'm telling him my story about how I had to wear a prosthetic leg as a child (YEH, mind fucked me, the dream from before was now a back story to this one and whats hilarious is that in this segment of the dream, I was aware that my story was from the previous dream).

      Dream switched and we were hiding in a huge building, like a school, only we were hiding in a stairway that went UP, and DOWN, and you couldn't see the ceiling or floor. There was a window so you could see outside, and the weather was rainy. There was fog all around, sometimes even in the stairway. I felt like I had to get something, so I woke up.

      Prosthetic leg/losing a leg

      • not having a leg to stand on
      • feeling crippled
      • losing my partner, watching him die makes me feel alone and I'm scared
      • losing part of myself
      • my mom being gone
      • feeling like i cant make it on my own

      Tiny black holes

      • living life with no hope for tomorrow
      • playing with fire
      • feeling out of control
      • feeling like I can't stop it
      • fighting to control an unstoppable force of nature

      Colorful clothing

      • having to "put on" a persona in order to survive
      • spiritual armor

      hiding in the stairway with no end to up or down in sight

      • its the best thing to do when you cant move or do anything
      • waiting for a direction so i can move with it
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    7. Lucidity while we were adrift

      by , 02-22-2013 at 03:08 AM
      I don't know what triggered the stream of, DAYS in a row, of lucid dreaming that happened every night for probably 4 days in a row. Rereading the info found here about WBTB, thats probably the state I was in, sleeping in the cold, on the floor, unable to really rest, so I kept waking and drifting off....back to back all night. But, you know what? When I was asleep in my dreams, I felt SO rested! I was energized, alive, and it was so real I even saw things in some strange 3-D, just like it was really happening.

      I don't know the dates of these dreams, but I can narrow them down to the week of February 7-14.

      Everything from me and Adam having wild sex in a public place, to having a dream of eating with chopsticks, to FLYING - its been YEARS since I had a flying dream. I was dipping and swooping and diving, in a spin, and enjoying the freedom.

      Due to 1)not being online at the time, and 2)being worried about just surviving day to day and where we would lay our heads the next night for 6 weeks, coming here to tell others about it was the last thing on my mind. I have missed this place....
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    8. precog since flood

      by , 01-20-2013 at 08:33 PM
      I knew I'd be blown wide open, somewhere in mid-January thru February. There was no way to foresee the whole, flash flood thing, surviving a natural disaster. But since then, since both Adam and I have been able to rest, get our heads screwed on straight, take a step back from everything - we've both been dealing with intense dreams, nightmares, and precognitive visions/feelings. The first two days after the flood, everything was a blur. It was that day when we both broke down and cried because of what had happened. It was scary. It happened so fast we couldn't process our feelings. There was shock, and gratefulness that we made it out alive, and grief for our neighbors who lost everything, and a little anger at God for trying to wipe us off the map... I know something good will come from this. Its easy now, 5 days later, to look back, and see many good things - small miracles and big ones - that spared us, blessed us.... some people we are lucky enough to know, have shown us how good a person can be, if given the chance - and some others we know, have shown us how stuck up a person can be. its weird.... a couple who is poor, who has to hustle and work extremely hard as much we ever have, they have helped us more than anyone - I would say just as much as the Red Cross has. And this couple who are filthy rich told us last night that they don't even feel comfortable with us coming over to their home to visit. Why? They couldn't say why. I won't assume anything, I can't begin to think of what their reasons are, and I would rather focus my energy on recovery and rebuilding, than on the snobs of the universe.

      The dream I had that I think was a precog dream, all it was - was me driving this car through a mountainside, that had very tall steep hills, snow on the mountains, rails separating the road from the hillsides, and curvy, well paved roads. Adam was with me in the car. We came upon a very green section of mountainside. It was SO GREEN..... lush, beautiful, supple, full of life, water running down the mountainside.... and then once again we were driving past another mountain that was cold and dead. in the dream I also had to turn a powder into a purple liquid. I dipped my hand in the purple liquid and drank from my cupped hand. We had to stay in a cave for a while. Lay low. Not hiding ourselves, but keeping the world out. Then we had came out and walked through a bubble - an energy shield. And we were on that curvy mountainside road again.

      I think what it means is, that something GREAT is coming....lush and green, plentiful.... that sounds like security, in work, in where we live, which hopefully means I will be working soon and that Adams job is secure already. Laying low, in a cave - that is exactly how we FEEL right now, how we wish we could exist. Just block out the crazy world, the weather, the struggles.... the powder and purple liquid - something white was crushed, pulverized - I think that was my innocence - my ability to be naive about life. It became part of this purple drink. The purple fed me, re-energized me. Purple is psychic energy - intuition. I drank it then we were back on the road, fighting the humdrum hardships of life. At least the road was under us though!
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    9. hard to sleep and DREAMS ugh

      by , 01-08-2013 at 10:23 AM
      When I went to bed last night I was congested, so thats probably why I didn't sleep good/kept waking up....and I remember my dreams so well because I kept waking up go figure. (And the cycle continues).

      The dream I remember the best was the last one. In it, Adams wife had stroked out, and I was taking care of her until she died. (IRL Adams wife died 2 years ago, quite suddenly, of a heart attack at only 48 yrs old).
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    10. wedding dream

      by , 01-05-2013 at 02:49 AM
      i dreamed my partner and me were at some office, some small chapel, getting married. But we were waiting on something before we exchanged vows. I remember flowers being in my hair and holding a bunch of long stemmed white and green flowers. And I remember brown carpet and office paper everywhere - the old kind with tiny holes in the edges.
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    11. dream within a dream

      by , 12-23-2012 at 12:23 PM
      Dream started out - my two friends Talena and Amy were fighting, breaking up. They were employees in a huge sit-down buffet kind of restaurant. Amy was at the register, Talena was wearing a red apron like she was a server. (IRL they are both managers at a fast food place).

      Then the dream changed and I was watching 3 girls get ready for a party of some kind. They were getting dressed like it was the prom, but it wasn't, was just a pool party at someones house. I didn't know anyone at the pool party/house, but I was there. This is where is gets strange. Some kids at this party were practicing dream control, levitation, throwing energy, wielding a sword, different things. In the pool in the back were a few couples making out, and one in particular forcing himself on another person who didn't want it. I remember thinking in the dream that I was in the dreamviews forum. The house, the pool, the people were the forum. I'm in the house. In walks some one who looks like (has taken on the resemblance of) the late Patrick Swayze, wearing some kind of armor. "Patrick" starts getting angry at some of the party goers, saying people were in danger and needed to be out of there. He conjures up a shiny black wall and it appears between the house and the pool where some kids are still in the pool, and now they cant get back in the house. We hear banging from the outside of the wall. People in the house now crank up the music and colored lights are flashing, party gets going good. I am suddenly in a bedroom, I'm laying horizontal looking at the ceiling - but I don't think I was on a bed, I was just floating in a supine position. On the ceiling was this young fellow with orange and blond streaked, spiked hair who was throwing down sticky web like stuff from his hands, down at me. He thought he was hurting me and he was really getting off on it, but he wasn't hurting anybody. He was laughing hysterically, nothing but scared, sad vibes, hungry and lonely. I remember grabbing some of the "web strings" and rising up, getting in his face saying "All you have to do is be honest with yourself and the rest will follow."

      Then I woke up, I'm in my bed. I remember doing a check, to see if I was awake and low and behold I was not. I didn't want a cigarette, so I knew I was still dreaming.

      So, I'm out of the second level of dreaming, in the first level, and I'm dreaming of my dog (that died in 2000) named Tina, she was a huge grey Schnauzer. I'm driving a grey silver car and shes in the back seat and we are going to help a 4-5 year old girl who needs kindergarten education curriculum. Then I woke up. Wanting a cigarette
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    12. purple sand to enhance dreaming? ok

      by , 12-16-2012 at 02:24 PM
      Last night I dreamed that me and my partner were on vacation somewhere, at some resort hotel (HA - would never happen). This hotel was one story and built like Elizabethan era, style building with white porch, columns, hanging ivy, walla made of windows and no glass. If you walked out the bay window, you could go to the shore of the river nearby. The river had a "beach" made of nice clean sand. People were everywhere, usually working in pairs or groups of 3, some with children, some not, digging into the beachfront with shovels, picks, knives, anything they could find, to get way down deep to find the "purple sand" because it had some quality to open the third eye. My partner went to the opposite side of the shore, and I started digging not very far from where the bay window was and found a purple crystal (wand) within the purple sand, so I dislodged it, dug it out and put it in my pocket, and as soon as I did, it went inside of the right side of my body where my ovary would be.

      IRL my birthstone is amethyst, thats purple. Hey everyone, thanx for your help-amethyst.jpg and my birthday is coming up in 2 months, and I've set that time frame as a goal for improving my health so that i can lose a lot of weight without hurting myself.

      My third eyes been reopening the last month or so. Not surprised, my birth number coincides with my upcoming age, which means the new energy is already in progress...takes about 1-2 months.
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    13. oh, bad one

      by , 12-11-2012 at 12:13 PM
      Started off,in a grocery store, I was looking for a job... I had to dress up like Dolly Parton and work inside of a small box with a peep hole.Across from me was a young teen/20 girl with brown hair who was supposed to pretend to be Loretta Lynn, she gave me a business card out of the bust of her dress and said i should call this person (for what i don't know).

      Dream changed and I'm outside with this giant (about turkey sized) looking green bird. Green bird had a flat face like an owl, but it was not round, was elongated, beak was yellow, tongue was black, feathers were sleek. Along comes this big black woman with a knife, and she pokes the birds eyes out first, bird doesn't respond. so she cuts out its tongue, still doesn't respond. so she cuts off its beak. this was where i had to turn my head, and when i turned back the entire face of the bird was gone. it was flapping around scared to death, still alive with basically no head.

      made in heaven,queen - woke up with that in my head.

      so to help me figure this dream out, the lyrics:

      I'm taking my ride with destiny
      Willing to play my part
      Living with painful memories
      Loving with all my heart

      Made in heaven, made in heaven
      It was all ment to be, yeah
      Made in heaven, made in heaven
      That's what they say
      Can't you see
      Oh I know, I know, I know that it's true
      Yes it's really ment to be
      Deep in my heart

      I'm having to learn to pay the price
      They're turning me upside down
      Waiting for possibilities
      Don't see too many around

      Made in heaven, made in heaven
      It's for all to see
      Made in heaven, made in heaven
      That's what everybody says
      Everybody says to me
      It was really ment to be
      Yeah, yeah

      When stormy weather comes around
      It was made in heaven
      When sunny skies break through behin the clouds
      I wish it could last forever, yeah
      Wish it could last forever, forever

      I'm playing my role in history
      Looking to find my goal
      Taking in all this misery
      But giving in all my soul

      Made in heaven, made in heaven
      It was all ment to be, yeah
      Made in heaven, made in heaven
      That's what everybody says
      Wait and see, it was really ment to be
      So plain to see
      Yeah, everybody, everybody, everybody tells me so
      Yes it was plain to see, yes it was ment to be
      Written in the stars...
      Written in the stars...

      My mind has to completely unfuck this one. Scuse my french but....day-um,this was bad to be in this dream and watch that. IRL, today I go to be fingerprinted for a job. The whole thing with the bird, slowly just about decapitated (yuck), thats got to be about self expression, mine and my partners fears - of the throat chakra opening up (in my case)/not being strong enough the way he remembers it being years ago (in his case). We did some more recording last night before bed. Sounded shitty. I need to sit closer to the mic, because for some reason this thing picks up great peripheral sound but not so great when your in front of it more than a foot away. You know what though, you only live once. And we're getting older. We're in our forties. If we miss this chance, I doubt it will come again. I just want to get these two albums out there, and perform at some blue grass festivals and maybe a few open mic nights at the shack down the road. Get my womanly, curvy self up there and show those young skinny kids who havent had time to have a past yet, how to do it... I think a good recipe for singing is,take a lifetime of pain, a heart full of love - that was missed for half a lifetime and reunited two years ago, the best memories of motherhood - and wrap it up with a fever.
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    14. entry 3

      by , 12-08-2012 at 01:03 PM
      A lot ore recall last night. Wondering if its because we switched the bed to the back, or because I was wakened "just enough" to wake up and fall back to sleep by the fact the bed doesn't have enough padding. Grr... hard lumpy beds suck.

      Anyway. Sand. A hotel made of sand and underneath a beach somewhere, right on the tides edge (brilliant), advertising that you could power sleep in this underground, sand-built room and get the best sleep you ever had. LOL. I didn't sleep in it, but a friend of mine and her son rented a room, and the tide (of course) came up and washed straight through her side of the hotel, collapsing the roof on top of her. So the dream changed and my partner and me are helping find a house for her and her son to sleep in. She chooses this old neighborhood, bad neighborhood, I don't want her to stay there. The house is very old, haunted house, so old its leaning. Lots of scratches on the table, we watched scratches appear and a message appear on the old dining table. I don't remember the message on the table. My partner is walking around checking the radiator heater, the faucets and pipes for leaks, the wooden floor for bad spots (finding them all). I'm downstairs, I refuse to go upstairs. The boy (about 3-4 years old) goes upstairs alone, comes back down and says thats where the ghost is, he's not scared though. He just says "shes like an old lady."

      IRL - I havent seen or spoken to this friend in about two months, but I do think of her often. Shes young enough to be my daughter. I used to work with her, and she is very sweet. I think her son IRL is 6. I'm wondering if the dream was about "rooms" and "housing" because my partner and I are in dire need for a good bed. Its hard to find a mattress to fit the only bed we have (a fold out couch), and its falling apart - not meant for daily use lol. I made us a pallet in the back room, it would be great, except it needs thicker padding (or a mattress). Bleh - crushed some kidney stones last night sleeping on that thing, peed blood this morning, had a hard time walking the first hour or so. I'm good to go now. Had my coffee Bring on the Saturday!
      non-lucid , side notes
    15. blackbirdrising entry 2

      by , 12-07-2012 at 02:48 PM
      I was up with my partner when he couldn't sleep. We stayed awake between 12:30 am and 3 am (yikes, that sucks since he had to get up at 6 am for work, but since I'm unemployed at the moment, I saw no reason to waste time in bed while he was up struggling). While we were awake we edited his latest recording for the upcoming album, tweaked the flange and room effects and equalized the bass. Then about 3:10 I crawled back in bed, he followed within 5 minutes and I fell asleep before he did. The alarm started going off at 5:30, so the dream I remember must have taken place between 5 am-5:30 am.

      I remember teeth pulling. I don;t know if I was pulling my own teeth, or if something else was pulling them, but whatever the case, no teeth were removed, it was just the painless sensation of them being pulled or tugged against. I remember thinking No, you are not taking my teeth. I demanded a release. Dream then changed and I was floating in a sea of pink and yellow colors, orange and gold. I knew I was being "woken up" while in the dream. I knew I was dreaming because in this floating pink sea of awakening, I didn't care for a cigarette. I remember discussing the idea of teaching dream interpretation with someone, but I didn't see who it was. I didn't need to, not knowing who the being was didn't bother me. As I backed away from that dream, I went "through" a void in order to wake up, where I passed by a scaly, old face that was very close to mine, and I called on the shield of white light to protect me as I made my way through this dark area. Then I woke up, I remember wanting a cigarette.
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