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    Monday the 22nd of August 2011

    by , 10-18-2011 at 12:32 PM (437 Views)

    I remember getting a job back at Pac'n'save and was on checkout scanning people's groceries. I remember using the computer to find Bananas and think I accidentaly scanned them as another fruit (I do not believe the type of fruit I put them as actually exsists in real life, I can't check this as I don't know the name of the fictional fruit). I remember getting a second lot of Bananas and finding the button for it on the screen, and then realising that I had put the first lot through as the wrong item and from memory I corrected the mistake but can't be 100% certain on that.


    I next remember being at what I think was the mall,I remember being with my Wife and her Mum, this is all I confidently remember from this dream.


    Lastly I remember being at Karate and my Sensei was there taking the lesson, there was a man practising takedowns and eventually he tried it on me I thought I would be able to resist the move, but I was take to the ground with ease. This is all I remember from this dream.

    This is all i remember for the night.

    How I felt: Very stressed and frustrated, angry, sad, confused.
    Dreamsigns: Old jobs,Past events (Karate/Sensei), Possible computer malfunction.
    Questions to ask DC's: None


    I woke up at various times throughout the night feeling very stressed and frustrated, I felt reluctant to go back to sleep, I am unsure of whether this was due to working at my job in the dream or something else external (e.g. Body tempreture, Air tempreture, etc).

    The Rain MP3 WAS NOT used on this night.

    No recorded Lucid Dreams tonight.

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