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    Tuesday the 23rd of August 2011

    by , 10-18-2011 at 12:49 PM (425 Views)

    I am unsure of where I was but I remember my Brother being there and he wanted to go and build a hut (which I think was going to be built at the forest near our old house in.) But I had just recieved a special badge for doing something good and my brother wanted to see it before we went so I searched my room and could'nt find it. I found several other badges but not the right one,eventually I took so long that we ran out of time to build the hut.


    I vaguely remember going to somewhere where my ex was working I think it may have of been a train station or a tourist booth in a train station, very vague witten here for the sake of recall.


    Another vague dream, just remember talking to a DC about staying in what I believe was a hotel that he owned for the night, from memory he refused a discount to start with but after very little persuation he crumble and became sunddenly so generous, acting like whatever we need just let him know and everything will be taken care of, (I also recall my ex making an appearance here as a worker,possibly a cleaner,although this may have been a seperate dream, I have the sense that it was part of the hotel dream.) This is all I remember from this dream.


    Yet another vague dream, just remember being with an old high school friend in Australia, she lived high up in an apartment skyscraper.This is all I confidently remember and is being written for the sake of recall.

    This is all I remember for the night.

    How it made me feel: Happy,confused,frustrated.
    Dreamsigns: Old high school friends, Ex, Different country,False posessions.
    Questions to ask DC's: None.


    I had gone to bed with the intention of waking up to do a WBTB,however after the alarm went of I promptly feel asleep again, I may have even slept through the alarm,my mind seems indecisive about the truth of the matter,however I need to be more aware of myself when I wake up.

    The Rain MP3 was used on this night.

    No Lucid Dreams recorded on this night.

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