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    1. Sudden snow

      by , 09-06-2010 at 02:08 PM
      Im on my way out of a house in my hometown Hudiksvall, standing in the hallway I reckon it┤s the house of a friends friend, Pňhl, whom I've visited once before. It's a really cozy house in the middle of the old parts of the town. It's deserted and dark, as if I've snuck myself in there at night like a burgler. When I get out I realize it's been snowing since the last time I was outside. Later I┤m on a parking lot with great snow walls around it from the ploughing of snow. It's still night but there're other people around by the lot. At first, I'm riding a small three-wheeled bike, then I'm in a car driving around this lot. I do not make especially well...I think I crash and/or fall of my bike while people are watching.
    2. Throwing bills away

      by , 09-03-2010 at 08:54 AM
      I hang out with a girl whom I havn't seen since a couple of years back, Julia. We┤re in an urban environment and we seem to get on pretty well with each other. She looks just as good as I remember, tall, fair and well shaped! Her mother works in a small store along one of the streets we're walking on so we decide to visit her. She start talking with her mother and they end up arguing over some money issues. The mother tries to give Julia som economic aid but she refuses to take them and starts to throw the bills out in the streets, even the high-value ones! I find this a bit unneccessary but I dare not to intercept since I'm afraid to end up in a fight with my newly found date.

      I return to a city on a night bus, it's some kind of mixture of my home town and my university city. Sara R. from my uni class is with me on the bus. When disembarked, I go to a small crib somewhere in town and find my dad right outside the flat by his car, utterly surprised to see me. It's still nighttime.

      Pops is a regular sign
    3. Confusing...

      by , 08-24-2010 at 06:41 AM
      The last night I had one of those dreams where you can┤t really separate dream/awake even though you most definitly ARE awake. In the dream world I was sitting on a bench waiting for my bus to go home from the city. Right next to me are the children of my dearest friend M.H. She┤s not directly visible, but her children really interacts with me. We talk about some strange twig or a drawing they┤ve made. Anyhow we find out that we have something in common that I didn't know before.

      And here comes the weirdness; During parts of this dream I actually believe that these children and their mother are in my room next to my bed...and that my room in fact is this bus stop! They sort of mix and in my tired head I can't really distinguish between these. So occassionally I actually sit up in my bed looking for the kids in my room, embarassed that I don't have any clothes on me!

      The above phenomenon happens a couple of times/month...this time it was during full moon, but I don't know if there┤s any connection??
    4. forest garage

      by , 08-23-2010 at 09:37 AM
      I find myself walking barefoot in a harsch forest just like the ones outside of my family home in Sweden. There┤s only a few pines and mostly big rocks, moss and lingonberry sprigs. As I walk around in this place, jumping on the large rocks, I hear people coming up behind me. And a car as well. I get a bit surprised since I haven't seen any road nearby. Some distance away I see a black guy with glasses comming towards "my" rock and he┤s having a conversation with some random dude. The car I just heard is actually running on a gravel road and this too is heading in my direction. I turns out that these big rocks actually is some kind of garage in the middle of the forest! The mentioned road leads right beneath one of the rocks and there┤s a car port at the bottom!

      I walk around this area, amazed, as more and more people are gathering in this odd fortest garage. By one of the (suddenly appeared) glass doors close to a rock I encounter Stefan and Linda from my former hometown. Stefan┤s holding a tiny cup of cappuccino which he almost drops when we meet. We┤re glad to see eachother and none of us seems to find it strange that we┤re in the middle of a forest garage area in mid-Sweden...
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    5. Spider climb

      by , 07-07-2010 at 06:19 PM
      The first dream takes place in my old student town of Norrk÷ping in Sweden. I┤m sitting behind Erika on a bike (a really good friend of mine) and she bikes really fast through the dusky city.

      Repeatingly, I'm climping up a ladder which leads to a cave. It's basically a scene straight from Zelda 64! The issue is tha manifold spiders and the spider web that blocks the way up the the edge. During the climb I talk in a cellphone to my old classmate Martin, which acts as some kind of support to me during my efforts...
    6. Movin'

      by , 07-03-2010 at 07:18 AM
      I'm visiting our neighbours in the village, a place were I used to hang out often as a kid. They seem to be moving out of the house as the walls are empty and I see the father of the family, Jan, carrying big paintings around. I find the whole thing disturbing since they've always represented the safety and traditional feeling of "coming home" to the place I grew up in...
    7. All Americans!

      by , 07-01-2010 at 07:05 AM
      For some reason I don't now I have rented a room in a hostel-like facility. It's got wooden interior and is one-leveled as far as I'm concerned. The rooms are located in a maze of corridors with simillar designs which makes it hard to find the right one. At first I'm basicly alone in the building and I've just unpacked my stuff. As I visit the bathroom/sauna room I hear a sudden cackle in the corridors and I see a dude with a pitched cap walking by. Apparently there's an enormously large group of Americans staying in this building as well. And they┤re everywhere! I can distinctly here them speak english and I react to this since it was a really long time since I actually met english speaking people myself. At this point I have really big problems finding my room again, especially since I get disturbed by people sitting and shouting everywhere.

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