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    by , 08-24-2010 at 06:41 AM (352 Views)
    The last night I had one of those dreams where you can´t really separate dream/awake even though you most definitly ARE awake. In the dream world I was sitting on a bench waiting for my bus to go home from the city. Right next to me are the children of my dearest friend M.H. She´s not directly visible, but her children really interacts with me. We talk about some strange twig or a drawing they´ve made. Anyhow we find out that we have something in common that I didn't know before.

    And here comes the weirdness; During parts of this dream I actually believe that these children and their mother are in my room next to my bed...and that my room in fact is this bus stop! They sort of mix and in my tired head I can't really distinguish between these. So occassionally I actually sit up in my bed looking for the kids in my room, embarassed that I don't have any clothes on me!

    The above phenomenon happens a couple of times/month...this time it was during full moon, but I don't know if there´s any connection??

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