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    forest garage

    by , 08-23-2010 at 09:37 AM (413 Views)
    I find myself walking barefoot in a harsch forest just like the ones outside of my family home in Sweden. There´s only a few pines and mostly big rocks, moss and lingonberry sprigs. As I walk around in this place, jumping on the large rocks, I hear people coming up behind me. And a car as well. I get a bit surprised since I haven't seen any road nearby. Some distance away I see a black guy with glasses comming towards "my" rock and he´s having a conversation with some random dude. The car I just heard is actually running on a gravel road and this too is heading in my direction. I turns out that these big rocks actually is some kind of garage in the middle of the forest! The mentioned road leads right beneath one of the rocks and there´s a car port at the bottom!

    I walk around this area, amazed, as more and more people are gathering in this odd fortest garage. By one of the (suddenly appeared) glass doors close to a rock I encounter Stefan and Linda from my former hometown. Stefan´s holding a tiny cup of cappuccino which he almost drops when we meet. We´re glad to see eachother and none of us seems to find it strange that we´re in the middle of a forest garage area in mid-Sweden...
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