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    Sudden snow

    by , 09-06-2010 at 02:08 PM (362 Views)
    Im on my way out of a house in my hometown Hudiksvall, standing in the hallway I reckon its the house of a friends friend, Phl, whom I've visited once before. It's a really cozy house in the middle of the old parts of the town. It's deserted and dark, as if I've snuck myself in there at night like a burgler. When I get out I realize it's been snowing since the last time I was outside. Later Im on a parking lot with great snow walls around it from the ploughing of snow. It's still night but there're other people around by the lot. At first, I'm riding a small three-wheeled bike, then I'm in a car driving around this lot. I do not make especially well...I think I crash and/or fall of my bike while people are watching.

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