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    Throwing bills away

    by , 09-03-2010 at 08:54 AM (428 Views)
    I hang out with a girl whom I havn't seen since a couple of years back, Julia. We´re in an urban environment and we seem to get on pretty well with each other. She looks just as good as I remember, tall, fair and well shaped! Her mother works in a small store along one of the streets we're walking on so we decide to visit her. She start talking with her mother and they end up arguing over some money issues. The mother tries to give Julia som economic aid but she refuses to take them and starts to throw the bills out in the streets, even the high-value ones! I find this a bit unneccessary but I dare not to intercept since I'm afraid to end up in a fight with my newly found date.

    I return to a city on a night bus, it's some kind of mixture of my home town and my university city. Sara R. from my uni class is with me on the bus. When disembarked, I go to a small crib somewhere in town and find my dad right outside the flat by his car, utterly surprised to see me. It's still nighttime.

    Pops is a regular sign

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