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    Uncle John in granny's house

    by , 10-25-2012 at 03:54 AM (591 Views)

    I was using a Lucid Dreaming App for a week which included reality check notifications every 2 hours and a dream diary. However, after a week without any results I decided to stop doing it. However, whenever something during the day happens that is odd I'll still perform the checks.

    Last night I had my first lucid dream. However, I was not able to control it. I saw my uncle who has been deceased for several years. This prompted me to do my reality check of pushing two fingers into my palm but nothing unusual happened. I kept trying in the dream and thought "This sucks I'm dreaming but the test ain't working, because my fingers aren't going through.

    I was stuck in the dream state. I couldn't control the dream. After that I just assimilated into the dream. Knowing that I was in a dream, my uncle seemed frightening to me as I knew he was deceased. He gave me $50 though and my mum and aunt were also in the lounge room sitting on two couches, sort of just looking on.

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