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    BloodSand's Dream Journal


    by , 10-10-2012 at 02:24 PM (673 Views)
    The dream starts as I'm in my room and I'm playing on a console connected to my TV. On the console I'm playing slender which apparently in my dream had been adapted for console. I think "this game isn't so scarey, I wont be scared that easily" not even more than a few second into the game just thinking about the possibility of being scared sets off my paranoia as has happened plenty of times in waking life when alone and in a dimly lit room. I turn off the game, the room is suddenly darker for the TV being off.

    I have a false awakening and I'm in bed,I reach for my dimmer switch that I keep in my bed and hold in the button trying to brighten the lights. Of course it doesn't work. The switch is acting up, so I keep at it and eventually get it bright enough that I am satisfied with the brightness enough to get off the bed to turn on the main ceiling lights.

    I get up and within the dream I hallucinate a man hanging upside down from the ceiling facing away from me. He's in black and white and seems to be sort of folded in on himself. To skinny even his head, and his shoulders are close together, his arms go into his waist from wrist down and doesn't have any visible hands. I'm having a hard time moving around at this point but I figure if I move I can break the hallucination, but as this was actually a dream it didn't break. I wasn't in a hypnogogic state as I believed in the dream. I bat at the man with my right hand and it goes through his head. He seems to flicker as if a horror movie effect from the Ring or something.

    I walk past him and try to turn another light on. Again the light is acting up and I don't seem to notice that I'm in a different room then I was a second ago, then I am back where I was and try for the light I was originally going for. It too is acting up, but after a few flicking of the switch it finally turns on, but a bit dimmer than it should be.

    I head for the stairs and find myself at the top not noticing within the dream the chronological gaps or being out of place suddenly from where I was. I hear something and as this point am pretty scared. I turn around and hear someone coming in through the backdoor in the basement. I turn around and look down the steps, they are shorter then they were before I went to go up them as they are in waking life. I bend my knees reading to pounce down the steps the moment I see the intruder and take them out, being confident at the time that the adrenaline would give me enough strength even if it was a larger man or two men about my size.

    It's neither though and I don't have to pounce. It's my mom and a friend of hers I've never seen. My mom is in semi-Gothic makeup and clothing and her friend is in an outfit made of pleather. I'm relieved that it's not an intruder that I'd have to fight. I think I recall my mom saying something like what would you have done if it actually had been a intruder larger then myself. I replied saying that I think I would have been able to take them do to the adrenaline pumping through me at the moment.

    I also think that later I should call the government and inform them an the hallucinations I was having, just having been evaluated since I have been applying for disability and not having any mention of the kind of hallucination I believed to be experiencing to the doctor who evaluated me.

    I hop downstairs and we move to the other side of the basement. Never actually having moved through the door going to the other side of the basement I find myself there with them. It's no longer the basement and there is a fourth person with us. A very large muscular man. There is no instruction in any sense. He wasn't there and then he was,again not noticing the chronological gaps, talking to him as if he had been introduced earlier.

    I hop were I'm going rather then walk, I hop very far on one stride and gravities effect on me seem to be less do to the adrenaline I believed to be pumping through me and this seems to make perfect sense at the time.

    My mom and her friend make there way to a table the big guy ether falling behind or no longer existing in the dream since I stopped thinking about him. I make my way to a somewhat older looking elf with a monocle in a lawn chair. I see his deathly sick wife laying down a little bit away from where most of this was happening. I can't discern whether she is human or elf but it never occurred to me to wonder that in the dream anyway.

    I seem to have vague memories of him and pose a question "what if a man could go back in time?". I ask this believing that it was in his power to travel with us in time, to save his wife. Although I don't believe that to be my true motive for trying to provoke him. He instantly reacts negatively, but then he seems to dualisticly hold a bit of a gollum-esk argument with himself without me having to throw much into the conversation. I notice that he has some small fangs as he speaks.

    Likely my motivation for trying to provoke the fellow with the monocle into time travel was my belief that somehow I could attempt to attain immortality if I did travel in time with him.

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