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    BloodSand's Dream Journal


    by , 10-26-2017 at 01:14 PM (385 Views)
    As far back in this dream I can remember there was a winter outdoors scene with a pond. I don't remember what happened in this scene or before it.
    I then find myself in a very old looking video game with my best friend and a mutual friend of ours. The video game is a very bare open dungeon with liches and zombies and such basic monster, with modern public style bathrooms that you'd find in an mall or something.
    I seemed to have been afk from this game for some time as I had 94 orbs of (something or other) and very few other items. Either my character picked them up automatically or my friends were storing excess items on my character while I was away. I try to start figuring out the game. I've got no real weapons so I pick up some stuff off the ground that the others had thrown away. I end up using a +6 iron pickaxe but I was wondering if maybe I should be using the +4 steel scimitar. My reasoning being a steal items should be better then an iron one and it would make more sense that the scimitar would have a higher attack speed, though I saw no visible attack speed shown on the item specs. I look through my items to see if I have anything useful, I read one items that makes fur grow in an area that repels most low level monsters.

    I later find myself in a tv show with the main character. It seems that the show was some generic zombie type. The main character is talking to me giving me the rundown of how things work around there. I wasn't really paying attention, not having much interest in this scene or participating in it. I think about telling him how this was a dream, only remembering it for myself for a short time, but I opt to say that this world and him aren't real, it's just a simulation. The zombies show up and I say the simulation should run normally and leave me alone if I stay out of the main scene and run off away from the action not being in the mood for zombie killing.
    I find myself up against the wall of a building, my best friend and his girlfriend are there as well as a fictional friend I've never met before. She was a bit on the heavy side and not the most interesting personality but over all not irritating either. The other two were giving her some shit for doing something like sneaking her ex bf her period blood into prison. I wasn't about to back her on something so weirdly gross, my reaction being "uh.. yeah, that's pretty gross." At this point I've forgotten completely that this was a dream.
    We leave the tv show and go back to reality. I find myself at a party at someone's house I'm not familiar with but it's a nice atmosphere, I recognize some people there, and the residents of the house were really nice and attractive as well. They were a pair of sisters, one being between 14 and 16 years old maybe in a green shirt with A cups poking through quite prominently despite their size, and the other somewhere in her mid 20's, wearing in a sweater. The younger sister was looking for her lost video card (though usually I'd refer to it as a graphics card) and I offer to help since she actually seemed pretty distressed about it and had been nice since this scene started. The older sister ask why am I helping and I say I'd help anyone who was nice if it was a problem I could help with. I'm sure the older sister is wondering but not concerned if I had any intentions with her sister, and she accepts my answer and goes on about whatever she was doing, saying: "good, then I don't have to help her find it this time". I'm now wondering how often can someone lose a graphics card and why does this happen? Though I'd probably recognize it if I saw it I thought I'd start with the basics. "What does it look like/what model type is it?" she doesn't answer me, instead she seems to be mumbling to herself/thinking out loud incoherently in what I assume is a internal contained panic. I try to get her to calm down and sit down on the floor and ask her to come sit and tell me about the situation and such. I fail to make any headway though I felt like earlier she had been more articulate. Her sister comes in and tries to help. She's going to google the model to show me what it looks like. Her computer is ancient and she puts in a floppy disk for some reason. Both sisters are seeming much weirder than earlier, the younger one seeming autistic and the older one being merely very odd.

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