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    BloodSand's Dream Journal


    by , 03-22-2016 at 09:40 PM (206 Views)
    I'm in some kind of school. School having just let out everyone is either getting ready to leave or fooling around. At some point I realize I can make myself stick to the walls by pressing a foot to the wall and having classical music play in my head, my center of gravity would shift from pressing down to pressing towards the wall. Not nearly as strongly but enough that I could then put my next foot to the wall and then my hands. I had to concentrate but I could do it. I was stuck facing away from the wall with my hands and feet touching the wall. I concentrated more and removed my hands and straightened out my legs and I was able to slowly walk on the wall. Most people didn't seem to notice and the one person who did was pretty sure it was a trick, most likely because their view of me was largely obstructed. Having exhausted myself preforming this new ability I have to stop and walk on the ground. I look for my backpack and get ready to leave, to find that I am already wearing my backpack. So I head up the staircase and out the big glass doors of the school. Outside the property of the school is like my step dad's yard except in reverse. Where the front yard and house and sheds and stuff would be was all school. The steep driveway instead was in what would be the back of the backyard leading down into the main road. I pass a gym class that was mostly let out as well but the gym coach had hold up a few students he didn't seem happy with. I continue past them to wait near the driveway for the buses to arrive. My brother who was apparently part of the gym class threw a baseball to me, I pick it up and throw it back. It seems to fall a bit short then it rolls and seems like it's going to land right by his feet but then it instead rolls under a car. He fetches it out and seems mad that is landed under the car and throws the ball at me. I'm out of the way but the way the ball is heading it would go down the driveway and likely be lost forever, so I smack the ball with my hand, it lands near a pile of junk. I saved the ball from being lost but I was to annoyed to go pick it up and throw it back again so I leave it there.

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