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    3/25/2019 More dream fragments

    by , 03-25-2019 at 10:41 AM (700 Views)
    Fragment #1
    I'm in what appears to be an elementary school. Sitting at desk are a bunch of adults, including myself or whoever I am in the dream. We are part of a government organization and we just finished some big assignment in which I had played some key part. Some official comes to speak with me, says things I don't recall now but myself and everyone listens and reads between the lines and come to the conclusion that the government now thinks I know too much and will have me killed in 4 hours. One of the female coworkers agrees to take me into another room and fuck me before they come to kill me. The dream ends before that, or I've forgotten any further parts of that dream.

    Fragment #2
    I've somehow transported to a strange place of large stone buildings and lots of people walking around in knights armor. I am later in one of these stone buildings in one of the rooms, and it seems I had been, or had been planning to,maybe both, fucking some woman that had been going around in knights armor and they were attractive underneath. Later my mom shows up with my stepdad and they are calling for me, so I yell out the window to them after cracking it about 2 inches, which is as far as it will go. I start to pack to get ready to go out to them. One of the things that was my packing is dumping the wet wax from a candle out on a plate which has 3 eggs yolks in it. I blow out the candle and place it sideways in the wax on the stone plate to harden and pack up.

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