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    BloodSand's Dream Journal


    by , 03-31-2013 at 03:13 PM (383 Views)

    I was at a gas station, I had just parked and locked my grandfathers mustang. I man comes by and I suspect that he's up to something, and sure enough when he got close he tries to quickly open the driver side door. It's locked so he can't get in. He demands that I open it, and I just tell him no. He pulls a gun on me and demands that I open the car again. I get the gun away from him at some point. While holding him at gun point with his own gun I tell him not to move or I'd shoot. He tries to run and I pull the trigger. Crap, by the time I pulled the trigger he was facing away from me and I had shot him in the back. The gun had something akin to a hair trigger, not quite, but enough that I already had planned to blame the shot in the back on the overly sensitive trigger. I try to call the cops, but the line appears to have been hacked or something, because all I get is noise and some recorded voice cursing. I try to call the operator, but the same thing. A crowed has gathered around and I ask someone if they could call the cops. A women tries but she gets the same thing. I suspect the man had hacked the phones in the area to get away with the car jacking he had planned.

    Later I have another dream. I'm playing League Of Legends, the battle field seems a bit longer then usual. Instead of another team there seems to be roman solders with spears. There is quite a bit more then 5 of them, maybe a dozen. They are almost up on our base and my other team mates are pushing forward. I try to defend the best I can on my own,I'm playing Amumu, I run up to the crowd of them and hit then with my E while already having my W on. I keep moving because the only attack they have is a dodge-able spear throw, I fall back trying to get them closer to the turrets. They are in range I keep up my attack. My heal is getting low quickly. My ultimate is up, so I Q into the middle of them and use my ultimate attack and run back to the base to heal. I've got what looks like one hit of damage left as I step onto the platform, a spear hits me and takes nearly all my health but I had healed enough to survive it. I head to the very back of the platform for safety as I heal and one of the soldiers runs right up on the platform and is zapped to death in 3 pulses. As I heal I buy some more items with my gold, one item that doesn't exist I'm working on building and it confused me a bit while buying the parts to make it. I run back to wear the soldiers had been, those who hadn't died seem to have retreated to defend, but the minions on both side have built up a lot, I start on the enemies minions because once they were gone I'd have an unstoppable minion wave.

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