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    by , 03-31-2016 at 11:56 PM (831 Views)
    I'm in an airport with family. The airport has a lot of elevators and is very crowded. I'm trying to sort out some kind of mix up with some paper work for my grandmother and people keep reading a brand name on my sweatshirt and thinking that is my name, others mistake me for my grandmother when I present her papers. At some point I'm not sorting out paper work or talking to airport workers and more and I've split off from my family. I notice a girl sitting on a marble ledge by a food court. She has short hair dyed various colors in some places. I remember seeing green and at least two other colors. I walk up to her and something to the effect of “hello cutie”. She says hi and ask me what kind of music I like. I tell her I like just about every type of music but country. She says something to the effect of “Come on you've got to do better then that. I'm not interested in guys who can't answer this question correctly.” I get annoyed thinking I don't want to deal with a girl who thinks like that so I start to get up to walk away. She stops me. Her challenge of the question apparently being a bluff. She kisses me and sits on top of me. At some point I find we are having sex but I don't remember taking my pants of or even pulling myself through my pants. As she's grinding on top of me we scoot a bit on the marble ledge into a spot slightly less in view of the bulk of the crowd. She says something like “oh this is so nice I can't believe I'm not paying for it.” I sort of laugh and say “Oh no charge, but if we get fined for public indecency you're welcome to pick up the bill.” I then realize we are still out in public sitting on that marble ledge. I suggest somewhere more secluded so we head into the women's bathroom. It's still pretty crowded in their and not very clean. We head over to the men's bathroom thinking it's probably empty compared to the women's bathroom. It was bigger but even more crowded and kids including girls that were in their with their fathers presumably. There were a couple of isles in there strange as it was so we hoped to find a place that was less in plane view.
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    1. Elaineylane's Avatar
      I had stupid dreams last night & you got sex in public... Congrats.
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    2. BloodSand's Avatar
      Oh don't be too jealous, my sex dreams are few and far between, so they'll usually make the dream journal if I remember them.
      Updated 04-01-2016 at 04:55 PM by BloodSand