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    BloodSand's Dream Journal


    by , 04-18-2016 at 09:42 AM (441 Views)
    I was at school where they were having some kind of convention that was largely League of Legends based. There were also challenger players from other countries there. I was talking to one such person, he was Asian,and he spoke perfect English. He asked if I had a twitch account. I told him I don't bother with things like that I'm a very casual player. Some severe weather seems to be coming in and buses are at the school ready to pick everyone up but there doesn't seem to be enough so everyone is rushing to get to a bus or to a friend with a car. I try first to see if an acquaintance there has room in his car to take me with him, he doesn't. So I go to where the last unfilled buses are. In front of a bus for the handicapped is a bus that is just about full, a girl gets on first, then I do and the last bus is at maximum capacity. At some point a bus cuts a corner to sharp and goes over a small stream, luckily it makes it over somehow by driving on a log that I just happened to put there earlier myself. Realistically that log wouldn't have held a fraction of the buses weight. I see that there are downed trees, branches, and leaves everywhere, so I guess a hurricane must have come near by. The destruction looked familiar enough. We are approaching my stop but we have to detour do to downed trees or something. I was close enough that I could easily just get off and walk from there, but I was in no rush to get home. If something went wrong along the way I felt I was the best equipped to help or at the very least I was the strongest since most people there were physically their 9th grade selves and I was my adult self or perhaps just retained my adult strength, also there was a girl there who was cute.

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