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    BloodSand's Dream Journal


    by , 06-10-2017 at 10:33 AM (416 Views)
    I'm up the street slightly from my house, stepping out from a moving van with my wireless headset on I see two neighbors who don't exist in real life. One is a middle aged woman, and the other is her daughter of about 10 years old. Judging from where I believe my signal strength to the headset will reach I must have a computer in the van. There are several post in their yard and I wonder what they could be for. I walk up to investigate and I wonder if these previously unknown neighbors will attempt to chat, but instead the woman launches a single attack that I assume was a punch since I didn't actually see the attack. I'm staggered for a moment but more annoyed than anything especially since the attack didn't hurt in the slightest. I decide to get my revenge in the form of completely ignoring her instead of leaving or even launching a counter attack. I state out loud to the friends on the other side of the headset that the post are almost 3 foot tall. She summons a medium sized animal that I have forgotten what it was, likely a dog,to attack me. I send it running away after one punch to the head when it lunges at me. She then summons a squirrel. The squirrel jumps around quite randomly. It's always jumping a different height and slightly to the left or right as it does so. I'm sure it's looking for an opening to attack. I notice that this squirrel actually appears like it's nearly break dancing and I hear Mc Hammer's song Hammertime. I'm very careful not to turn my back on it, I take this squirrel much more seriously than the woman or her dog. I attempt to hit the squirrel but it's nearly useless since I can't seem to predict it's movements. I land a glancing blow that almost no power was transferred to since he was falling back to the ground at nearly the same speed as my punch. He curls up into a ball and bounces once in the air, this was my chance to attack, but the whole situation has me so off balance I miss my chance to attack while he's open.

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