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    BloodSand's Dream Journal


    by , 06-05-2017 at 07:26 AM (417 Views)
    I'm in an arcade at a mall, I play a crane machine and easily win a big snack. A young girl comes in an is looking around and ask me what my favorite games here are. I tell her the crane machine and a few other games that have actual prizes. She seems to like that reasoning and me. I offer her some of the snack I just won but she declines telling me she's lactose intolerant. Hearing this I pull a lactaid out and offer her the pill and the rest of my snack. She accepts happily. At some point I head home to my grandparents.

    I'm at my grandparents house, there are a lot of guest over and my grandparents and some of the guest are going out. Judging by what those who are leaving are wearing they must be going to the beach. The guest, many are cousins and some are friends I only know online, are spread out all over the house and property, and I'm worried trying to watch after them all because of the vampires. Luckily for me the vampires are scared of me and run at the sight of me and I know they only intend on one target today; Someone I only know online, let's call him Evan Wrong. I walk the property trying to take note of where everyone is and keeping an eye out for vampires. I don't find Evan but am pretty sure my presence is keeping the vampire away.

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