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    BloodSand's Dream Journal


    by , 08-04-2011 at 07:08 PM (476 Views)
    I shall try to tell this dream as in order as I can but it's quite scrambled in my mind and details have been lost since I woke. First thing I remember is I am in Hawaii again with my ex. I don't recall if this was when we were supposed to be together or after we broke up. Some of the guys want to go out on yacht and the girls wanted to go out on this little canoe, I decided to go with the guys. We were out on the yacht for about a week. Some point towards the end of the trip we get drunk and at some point I ended up in school and I don't remember ever stepping back on land. So at this point I'm at school and stumbling a bit from being drunk. At some point I'm no longer drunk and the school is now a mall. I'm going through it with a group of kids and another person or two and I think one of them was my step-dad. There were some games in an arcade where you gamble by putting in quarters and having the possibility of getting more back. I put in a quarter and 3 more came back out, the slot where the quarters came out was wedged open by another quarter so I open it all the way up and scoop out more quarters with my finger. I take about a handfuls worth and put it in my left pocket with my other quarters. I meet back up with the kids who have amassed a bunch of stuff they wanted me to buy them. We go to a registers and I'm rung up. I was worried how I was going to pay for all this then I remember I can buy it with my food stamps card. Then I remember that's only good for food. I look at the stuff and see that at least some of it was candy so the food stamps would be a little help at least. At some point I end up alone in a back room holding one of the girls. I like the feel of her butt under my hand. I feel that she wants me to do sexual things with her but I'm resistant. While holding her I look out a window and see the same girl I'm holding sitting on a swing. Still trying to entice me she lifts her dress way up so I can see her panties and her chest and small pink nipples.
    Spoiler for Crazy sex stuff:

    At some point I'm in a class room at a high school. It's nearly time for lunch and I want out of there quick. I pack up everything but these stones in a binder that I'm supposed to watch after. They are magic or something I guess. I've lost patients with what ever is going on with them, so I leave the binder in the class room as class lets out. I head to lunch, I'm running down the hall, this girl beside me is also running, she looks over at me and I look over at her. Without saying anything it's a race, she starts to speed up I drop to all four and start running like I do in so many dreams when I want speed. Something is wrong this time, I speed up for only a moment, then I realize I can't get a grip like I normally can. The girl is long gone but I keep trying to run on all fours. I pull forward with my finger tips and my rear end goes up in the air and I keep going forward like I'm doing a handstand but on my fingers. The gravity is low, which I guess is why I couldn't grip the floor well. Outside the doors to the lunch room I see some guys I know. I show off by doing a running jump and flip over them midair now that I've figured out the gravity thing. I jump around a bit having fun with the low gravity and showing off a bit.

    Later on I have a second dream, my brother is living here again and my mom is also here. He's causing all kinds of troubling and pissing me off and fighting with me. At some point when he's ready to go to bed I realize aliens are outside and about to attack soon. I call to my brother asking him how he'd feel redirecting some of his aggression towards the aliens outside. He jumps out of bed and puts on his shoes. I don't recall ever find the aliens, but everyone outside was acting weird. School buses coming in lines, picking up the neighborhood kids, and many parents, and some people forgot there kids but they got on the bus.

    I'm at a school, it's the last day. This school has shops in it, largely snacks and candy. People browse the snacks and candies and so do I then I start to think, hell it's the last day and I start to slip some snacks and candies into my bag or in my pockets. A few slim jims up my sleeves. Shortly after I start this other dream characters do as well. The teachers who notice don't seem to care. After most the snack shop lifting was done we were still waiting for the buses to come bring us home. A boy who apparently I was baby sitting comes up to me and wants me to fill this little squirt gun with something sweet because he wants to drink from it. I steal some pixie sticks and put half a pixie stick in the water gun and shake it up and give it back to him. Someone is talking to me, I don't remember about what. I start eating reese's cups off the shelf. I remember the date in the dream and it was the same in reality.

    I was with my brother outside some store in what I guess wasn't a good neighborhood. We had bought some junk food and I was splitting up. I was planning on taking the bigger half. It seems in my dreams my apatite is usually insatiable. He said he didn't like slim jims so I could have all those. At some point we are away from our snacks and we hadn't put them in the truck yet. When we got back the food was gone. I still had the slim jims in my pocket. Some man told us it likely one of the local store owners that stole the food so we would have to buy more. He gave us each $10. I told my bother to give me the $10 he was given and I would buy him $10 worth of stuff with my food stamps so we could have money for later. He didn't want to so he didn't. We got in the truck, he was driving and I got in the back. He was driving like 100 mph and the windows were open and the wind was whipping through the truck, a half broken milk crate has a piece fly off and flew out the window. I see our food in a nearby box. I guessed someone had just wanted us to think the food was stolen but didn't actually take it, they just put it in the truck. I take a hamburger bun and let it go in the truck and it flies past my brothers head.

    This is typed a while after the dream, so many details may be lost.
    I'm in a school yet again. In a cafeteria which I would say was more likely a library that had replaced the books with food. I remember my mom and grandmom being there and I was stealing candy bars and junk food and eating them. I remember intending to buy real food later.

    Yet again typing long after woken up, details lost.
    I'm somewhere in my neighborhood hanging out, outside a neighbors house that doesn't exist, presumably new neighbors. Having some kind of cookout or something. I notice first that I am naked, then that everyone else is as well and doesn't seem to mind me being naked ether. So I guess we're nudist or something. Some little girl that wasn't there before comes down some steps and joins us and I use my legs to cover my genitals,but the hostess of this party tells me not to worry she's used to nudity too. So I relax and not worry about trying to cover myself. I hear someone calling my name around back, I wasn't sure if I was just imaging it, so I go around back and there are a couple of boys playing in a jungle gym type of thing but it's more like a rope net. The one boy is stuck and can't get down. He had called me to help him. I'm running around naked and not used to it and the wind causes my penis to become erect and I become a little self conscious but figure the company I'm around understands and must think nothing of it. I help him get untangled and lower him down to the ground. At some point I'm talking to another boy and girl around back playing and we are in some shed full of sand.
    Spoiler for Don't judge me!:
    I at some point become mostly aware that I am dreaming though not kept at the forefront of my mind.
    Spoiler for Seriously it's a dream don't judge me!:
    but I feel I am starting to wake up. One eye starts to open and I see what I believe to be reality and the other eye see's the world I know to be a dream. I close the opening eye and see just the dream world and try to focus on it and not lose it. I feel the sand in my hands. I start to rubs my hands together in the dream while looking at them in an attempt to solidify the dream but as I feel my hands rubbing together in my dream I also become aware of my hands doing the same thing in the other reality I think is the real reality. I end up there in bed and I lost the dream world completely. Or so I thought, since it was a false awakening. I later actually wake up into my real bed with little to no difference then the one in the dream from the false awakening.

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