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    by , 04-09-2012 at 07:51 AM (302 Views)
    ok posting this one a bit late and out of order, since I posted the hypnogogic incident directly to the site.

    I'm in highschool, in a class room. The teacher hands out the work sheets and others start to do them. I look at my paper with the intent of doing the work but suddenly am overcome with rage. I start throwing things and lashing out at inanimate objects. I try to contain myself but fail more the more I try. I put my shoes on and tell the teacher I am going outside for a jog. I am at a door leading outside I open it and it seems one of the classmates has followed me. I don't really care that he followed me, I go to stick a stick on the door so it wont lock behind me but it breaks and we are both locked out. I'm not really concerned about it. There is a gym class going on outside with kids of a lower grade, their teacher yell at us that we shouldn't be outside on this side of the school. I say we are locked out, though it felt more like I was thinking it to him then talking, and we'll just make our way around. I climb up a fence in the way when my hands reach the tops I fling myself over the fence and start jogging towards another end of the school. I eventually find myself inside and with my backpack in a hallway near some steps. I spot near a couple of vending machines some snacks and drinks in a box, I intend on slipping some of them into my bag but some student come through the door as I walk up the steps. One of the kids starts to take the stuff I was going to and we work out that we each take half and each put our halves into our bags. The stuff just barelt fits in the bag with my school stuff.

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