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    BloodSand's Dream Journal


    by , 09-07-2016 at 02:03 AM (392 Views)
    I'm in some kind of school,a high school I think. I'm walking down a hall and reach an intersection and get stopped by 3 or 4 girls. They demand 75 cents to pass. They claim that's the rules. I'm a bit disoriented not remembering how I got in this school, I'm thinking this sounds a lot like a shake down but until I'm sure I just figure I'll pay them. I give them a dollar and ask for a quarter back. She sort of laughs and says “thanks for your sacrifice” and ignores me. It's clear to me now that it really was a shake down. So I pick her up and turn her upside-down and shake her so coins fall out of her pockets while saying “I'm reversing this shake down”. I put her down and pick up upwards of $1.25 in change. One of the girls says “hey you can't do that!”. I say to this group of scrawny little girls “well then do something about it.” I'm sure I can take the whole group of them fairly easily. I walk away and hear them getting a security guard. Not wanting to deal with them playing the victim I go outside, but realize I'm not going to get anywhere fast enough from out here, so I wait for the group and security guard to show up so I can at least explain outside of the commotion of the halls. A heavy set girl who seems older then the other girls comes out and grabs me. I push her off easily and say “relax I'm not going anywhere anyway”. I end up in some student/teach court type of thing. I'm forgetting a lot of details at this point but I make my case, get some laughs with some jokes I make and win. After words, outside of the room the court was being held in a teacher approaches me and says something like “you're not the type to just follow the rules quietly huh?” and I say “it depends on if they are fair or not. Our conversation ends at some point and I hear her on the phone, what ever I hear sounds like some kind of conspiracy. I pretend not to be listening as I look out a window.

    I find myself in another dream, in a different setting. I'm escorting a girl outside of a hospital. She points to a building and says “that's where we're going it says -i forget what she said the sign read- “ but at I look at the building the sign is only halfway up and doesn't say anything close to what she said she was reading. I assume she can't read well and just memorized what it has said before. We end up looking at a map of the buildings. I remember some very rude woman not letting us look at any of the maps on the walls while she was pacing back and forth using them. There is an evacuation at some point,a fire alarm or something, I'm not sure. Everyone head away from the building. I go the other way hearing crying. I look under a table and there is a little Hispanic girl crying with her umbrella turned inside out. I know I help her, but I can't remember anymore after this.

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