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    auditory hypnogogic hallucination

    by , 11-17-2011 at 12:08 PM (823 Views)
    I wasn't even trying to WILD or anything when this happened. I'm thinking since I was experiencing a lot of stress might have been what initiated this.

    I was just laying in bed with my eyes shut, I happen to facing down though I saw an image of a fan, rather than focus on it I relaxed since I knew I was fading from consciousness.This caused the image to become clearer. When my brain sent the signal to my body to tell me to move I ignored it and stayed still. Then the hallucinations started

    It was two disembodied voice of children talking in unison.
    This was my first auditory hallucination and if I hadn't understood what was going on I would have been completely freaked out. Even so, I was still kind of scared during the experience.

    A lot of the things they said were kind of random, but I was able to manipulate them a little bit by expecting them to say things. That's why I was so sure it was an hallucination.

    One of the things said was something along the lines of "I don't mean to complain but this guy is down my throat"

    The last thing I heard the children say before I came back to normal consciousness was"the belly of the beast is right behind you!"

    I think being scared had raised my heart rate to the point it woke me completely up.

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