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    by , 03-06-2011 at 05:30 PM (341 Views)
    Alright been a while since I've been on the site, just figured out the new system. Ok, I'll start of to a link to my older stuff then bellow that I'll post some more recent dreams. http://www.dreamviews.com/f107/bloodsands-dreams-74505/

    I was running down the street trying to get somewhere fast. A school bus driving it's self on autopilot with no driver or passengers comes by. I run along side and jump in and sit in the driver seat, I don't try to drive it, I just let it go on it's on. I am concerned about getting in trouble for getting on and try not to get in view of the bus camera. It doesn't get me where I'm going but I am back home. I come home only to find the police messing with my computer. They found nothing but I was afraid they might come back so I cleaned out the history but kept falling asleep before I could clean the free space on the computer. My mom keeps messing with it and she wants to get rid of it, which I could not allow to happen. Later in the dream I find myself with an odd storage device that I think someone from the future dropped into the past. I'm running away from a large hairy ape-like creature. It's gaining on me quick I think to take out my phone and try to play some loud music to scare it away. My bad luck a fairly slow song starts to play, or at least the beginning of it was. Not only that it was a song I never downloaded to the phone. Some weird song that started with a female voice singing “oh oh ohoh~ oh” followed by a male voice singing “stomp” and they repeated about 3 times. The creature turned of the trail I was on but was sure it was just going to try to get a head of me and cut me off.

    I'm writing this dream well after it happened this morning so most details are lost. I remember being in the neighbors yard with a few people around. There were a lot of crows and my dog was killing them one by one. There was a stereotypical alien space ship noise that I heard every so often but no aliens in sight.
    Another point in the dream, I forget whether it happened first or second, I was outside a school. I see two women with two young girls. I assume the younger girls must be one of the older womans daughters. I see them from further away and they seem quite unattractive, maybe even somewhat unhuman. I get closer and now they look much different, they look normal now. One of the women was trying to give the kids, now a young girl and young boy, a large dose of xanax. Judging by the size of the pills they must have been about 25mg.

    I'm in front of my grandparents place waiting for a school but while talking to my mom. The bus is coming down the road and I tell my mom to remind me tomorrow to grab my school bag since I had forgot to grab it. The bus pulls up and goes slightly past me more then I expected, I can see under the bus. There is a gap in the floor, so instead of walking around to the door, I go under the bus and up through the gap, it was a tight squeeze, and the bus driver seems confused saying “how did you get on already”. I take a seat to the left 2 or 3 seats back from the front. A girl in the seat in front of me throws a tack back my way. I ignore it. I see a boy in the front of the bus playing with what looks like my phone. I quickly check for my phone and can't find it. I go up to the boy and hold my hand out,he gives it right to me, so clearly it wasn't his. I looks through it and can't find any of my contacts, I think something is wrong with it. I put it in my pocket then find my phone in my other pocket. I check and my contacts are on it. My battery is low. I keep the other phone since it's exactly like mine and I've had trouble with my phone lately. We get off the bus and I show the kids how I can change the sky into other pictures with my phone. At some point I end up at my mom and step-dads place, there is a party going on. Something sprouts from the bottom of both my shoes. I quickly throw them off and vaguely have a sense that I had been doing something to my shoes earlier. I hear an announcement that the planet is to be destroyed do to the current situation. The tentacles from the shoes attack people and the sky starts turning black. I take out a device and slow down time, or rather I suppose I speed up time locally around myself. I then contact a friend on another planet, or perhaps plane of existence and tell him of the situation He seems more irritated then surprised I look around, in a windows I see a corpse and it's still moving. I think “oh crap I've made zombies and they are so fast even with time moving at %1 normal rate I can still see them moving. I run down to the house an go inside, I'm afraid I hear something in the house but I'm not sure, I just stay right at the second door, closed both doors but left them unlocked in case something was in the house.

    I don't recall the beginning of the dream. I was doing battle with some group, ether it was just me against them or it was that way nearing the end of the fight. There was one of them left, a woman of about 20 something in a black outfit. She is near a cliff-face with some large computer consoles of some kind. I feel this was what I was fighting to protect. The consoles were being run by two young children,a girl and a boy. They are maybe about 9 years old. The woman seems threatening I don't approach in fear that she will hurt the children if I do. I let her operate the console not even remembering why it was important, but whatever it was I wasn't willing to risk the children for it. The two little ones operating the consoles originally give in as well and give her a pass-code. My battle was lost but I was happy to have saved the kids. Suddenly they both fall over dead. She had poisoned them! I started to cry and yell at her “why did you kill them?! They had given you what you wanted!” She ignores the question and with only a hint of sadness in her voice she says “I've killed children before, school bullies and the like, but this was the first time I've killed children I think I actually liked.” I'm enraged and in despair at the same time. I go up to her and grab her by the chin from behind her prepared to snap her neck. I suddenly lose the will and go slightly limp staying in my position. "Aren't you going to kill me too?" I ask. I don't recall her response if she even responded. Somehow she is naked now and I am lustful in my despair, I think I can likely take advantage of her and then snap her neck later for what she had done to the kids. Holding her now while face to face we fall over the cliffs edge. I keep my left arm wrapped around her and with my right I tread water keeping our heads above water. Suddenly I feel something rough swim by and brush between our legs. She yells “there is a crocodile!” I swim away from her and notice another crocodile coming from behind me. I swim for shore as quickly as I can, I feel the tip of the crocodiles mouth brush my heal as he tries to bite me. I make it to shore. I run past some beach goers still afraid and disoriented. I find myself at a bed with someone I knew, I don't recall who. The bed is in a row of beds outside lined up with about ten feet between them. I lay down to rest while talking to the person I knew but don't recall. I look over at the bed next to us and a boy and girl of about 10 were there. The boy in swimming trunks and the girl in nothing but a towel. She had the towel lifted with her legs spread and the boys head in-between. He starts to give her oral sex but then they notice me noticing them and stop. At this point he stops and is now examining her vulva and she seems to think something might be wrong. The boy doesn't know, she ask the man I was with if he would take a look and tell her what he thought. He refused, so she said “fine I'll just strip and ask these men over here if they know”as she heads for the beach area. I call to her saying why doesn't she ask one of the girls (I said girls while thinking women) they are more likely to be familiar with everything down there. The person I was with said something in vague disagreement

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