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    1. 5/25/2018 Land of the Lotus-eaters

      by , 05-25-2018 at 04:04 PM (BloodSand's Dream Journal)
      I'm in the backseat of a car. My dad is driving, his mom in the passenger seat, my brother in the seat to my right. We drive for about 5 or 6 hours and the roads are annoyingly windy and I mention I wished we were on a highway, and then a minute later after the most winding part of road yet, there is a highway, nice and straight. Only second later we arrive at our destination, what ever that is, I don't even remember where we were going. We park right in the middle of town, no parking space, just parked right in the middle of everything, but when we get out our parking place seemed natural and out of the way enough. There are tables set up everywhere with people selling things, mostly handmade jewelry that actually looked pretty interesting and seemed pretty cheap, or I felt they were cheap, I never saw a price tag or heard mention of a price, chances are they weren't just cheap, they were free, but with a perception filter on that fact. I notice a face among the locals, Dakota Fanning, but much younger then she is currently and I'm vaguely aware of this fact, that this 7 year old Dakota Fanning is an impossibility. After looking at some of the tables and jewelry I find myself inside one of the shops, but it's not a shop on the inside and it's much bigger then it could have been. It seems like a party,a finely catered party with many good looking and tasting sweets and good music. We're eating the food and the other are swaying almost dancing to the music. As I eat I refrain from dancing but feeling the urge, my natural introversion winning out over that urge. As I sway ever so slightly to the music there is a colorful shadow of myself that dances and sways more than I actually do. I see the others start to sync more with there colorful shadows as I talk to a woman who does not have this effect and she definitely seems like a local to me, and not only does she not have a colorful shadow it seems like she's under saturated herself. She says to me “better be careful”. (I'm no longer with the group I showed up with, now its various friends I remember showing up with). I say I know what I'm doing and do a good job of projecting that perception though in reality I don't. She's convinced though; seeing me enjoy the food but somehow not dancing and says “not you, the others”. I look and they are syncing even more with there colorful shadows. I at some point come face to face with Dakota and look directly at her and she's looking at me and I ask with suspicion “what kind of monster are you?”. She turns away and walks deeper into the building, I follow her. I see her interacting with a large monster of some sort, it's about 8 feet tall, her mouth unhinges and swallows him whole head first. From what I gather later in lost details of the dream what she swallows is not eaten or dead but in stasis until she summons them back to be her servant or do some task for her. More details are lost for much of the dream, I suddenly way up. I'm paralyzed in bed with a dark shadowy and shapeless figure on top of me and she's creating a sort of windy turbulence and I'm quite scared at first but I calm myself, it's likely just a hallucination during sleep paralysis. I peek out of mostly closed eyes and look at the figure, it almost seems like it's not trying to harm me at all, but scare me... scare me awake? I wake up,truly awake now and not a false awakening, I start going over the details of the dream to write in my dream journal.

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    2. 6-21-09

      by , 04-09-2012 at 07:53 AM (BloodSand's Dream Journal)
      Ok this is a very old one I never posted, but I decided to post it now even though I've kept it private until now.

      The Dream where I am a 13 year old girl

      I'm in a clearing with tall grass all around. The little group I'm with consist of me; a 13 year old (half human half elf I think, judging by the sheen of my skin) girl, a couple human men, and 5 dwarfs. Two of the dwarfs are arguing about something and one takes off into the tall grass then the other chases after him. The one chasing him after getting far enough in to be very concerned says “wait help me get back first if you're going to go, I'm not a professional runner!”. He ignores him and keeps going and the dwarf running after him turns back and runs as fast as he can. He's almost back as something rustling in the tall grass is coming after him and he goes as fast as he can to get back. He comes out of the tall grass just as this snail monster about the size of me is right on top of him, I use my spear and kill it. I hear more rustling headed towards us and I decide not to wait for them, I go into the tall grass successfully spearing the snail monsters I come across. The snail monsters completely white from there shell to there body to there oddly but grotesque human like faces. All the others in the group follow right behind me and make there way to the front right as we reach a clearing where battle is being done. The humans and the dwarfs battling together against the snail monsters. The dwarfs out number the humans 10 to 1 and clearly this battle would be lost were it just the humans. I take down a couple more snail monsters and soon the battle is over. We all head back home but still move quickly through the grass, the dwarfs reach there before me and the rest of the humans, dwarf speed is quite impressive despite there short legs. When I arrive I am greeted and shown a table of food which I am happy to see because I'm quite hungry, my favorite food from real life, a bacon double cheeseburger and French fries. I pick at the fries as a talk with a tan women who is laying on a lawn chair. She says to me “you're developing quite nicely dear. Come hear and let me feel you up darling”. I'm wearing very tight shorts that are actually very short made of some water resistant fabric, and a loose shirt that comes down about half way. I walk over to her and she feels my little budding breasts, not even a handful but I am quite proud of them and she seems to be enjoying herself as she 'see's how well I've developed'. She's tanner then I like and a bit older too,about 30, but I find myself quite turned on by her rubbing. I can feel my erection from real life and look down in concern because being a girl I shouldn't have a penis, but when I look I see nothing that shouldn't be there. At this point I think somewhere in the back of my mind I realize that the erection I'm feeling is from real life and has nothing to do with what's going on in this dream world.

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    3. auditory hypnogogic hallucination

      by , 11-17-2011 at 12:08 PM (BloodSand's Dream Journal)
      I wasn't even trying to WILD or anything when this happened. I'm thinking since I was experiencing a lot of stress might have been what initiated this.

      I was just laying in bed with my eyes shut, I happen to facing down though I saw an image of a fan, rather than focus on it I relaxed since I knew I was fading from consciousness.This caused the image to become clearer. When my brain sent the signal to my body to tell me to move I ignored it and stayed still. Then the hallucinations started

      It was two disembodied voice of children talking in unison.
      This was my first auditory hallucination and if I hadn't understood what was going on I would have been completely freaked out. Even so, I was still kind of scared during the experience.

      A lot of the things they said were kind of random, but I was able to manipulate them a little bit by expecting them to say things. That's why I was so sure it was an hallucination.

      One of the things said was something along the lines of "I don't mean to complain but this guy is down my throat"

      The last thing I heard the children say before I came back to normal consciousness was"the belly of the beast is right behind you!"

      I think being scared had raised my heart rate to the point it woke me completely up.