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    1. 5/25/2018 Land of the Lotus-eaters

      by , 05-25-2018 at 04:04 PM (BloodSand's Dream Journal)
      I'm in the backseat of a car. My dad is driving, his mom in the passenger seat, my brother in the seat to my right. We drive for about 5 or 6 hours and the roads are annoyingly windy and I mention I wished we were on a highway, and then a minute later after the most winding part of road yet, there is a highway, nice and straight. Only second later we arrive at our destination, what ever that is, I don't even remember where we were going. We park right in the middle of town, no parking space, just parked right in the middle of everything, but when we get out our parking place seemed natural and out of the way enough. There are tables set up everywhere with people selling things, mostly handmade jewelry that actually looked pretty interesting and seemed pretty cheap, or I felt they were cheap, I never saw a price tag or heard mention of a price, chances are they weren't just cheap, they were free, but with a perception filter on that fact. I notice a face among the locals, Dakota Fanning, but much younger then she is currently and I'm vaguely aware of this fact, that this 7 year old Dakota Fanning is an impossibility. After looking at some of the tables and jewelry I find myself inside one of the shops, but it's not a shop on the inside and it's much bigger then it could have been. It seems like a party,a finely catered party with many good looking and tasting sweets and good music. We're eating the food and the other are swaying almost dancing to the music. As I eat I refrain from dancing but feeling the urge, my natural introversion winning out over that urge. As I sway ever so slightly to the music there is a colorful shadow of myself that dances and sways more than I actually do. I see the others start to sync more with there colorful shadows as I talk to a woman who does not have this effect and she definitely seems like a local to me, and not only does she not have a colorful shadow it seems like she's under saturated herself. She says to me “better be careful”. (I'm no longer with the group I showed up with, now its various friends I remember showing up with). I say I know what I'm doing and do a good job of projecting that perception though in reality I don't. She's convinced though; seeing me enjoy the food but somehow not dancing and says “not you, the others”. I look and they are syncing even more with there colorful shadows. I at some point come face to face with Dakota and look directly at her and she's looking at me and I ask with suspicion “what kind of monster are you?”. She turns away and walks deeper into the building, I follow her. I see her interacting with a large monster of some sort, it's about 8 feet tall, her mouth unhinges and swallows him whole head first. From what I gather later in lost details of the dream what she swallows is not eaten or dead but in stasis until she summons them back to be her servant or do some task for her. More details are lost for much of the dream, I suddenly way up. I'm paralyzed in bed with a dark shadowy and shapeless figure on top of me and she's creating a sort of windy turbulence and I'm quite scared at first but I calm myself, it's likely just a hallucination during sleep paralysis. I peek out of mostly closed eyes and look at the figure, it almost seems like it's not trying to harm me at all, but scare me... scare me awake? I wake up,truly awake now and not a false awakening, I start going over the details of the dream to write in my dream journal.

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    2. 11/14/2017

      by , 11-15-2017 at 12:34 AM (BloodSand's Dream Journal)
      I'm at a school, probably a high school. Some guy sticks a firecracker in some girls sandals and she is really hurt. I try to find the guy to kick his ass but I didn't see where he went. Some of the girls seem to be tending to there hurt friend and another guy seems to think he saw where the kid with the firecrackers went. We together chase after him.

      We never do find him. At some point I forget about this earlier part of the dream. At the cafeteria I notice that with all the food there is about one bites worth of what looks like chocolate cake. It's always on top of the other foods, only one bites worth, but no one seems to notice these pieces of cake even though they aren't likely to taste good with a lot of the things they are on. At some point I learn this is part of some mind control.

      Having learned about the cake I find that four entities are after me, 3 angels and a demon working together. Somehow I get hold of a demonic blade and I defend myself from the demons attack, when I block his blade with mine he see's the blade and withdraws back to the other 3. One of the angels now attacks I counter in the same way and the angel drops it's blade and I pick it up, now wielding a demon's blade in my right hand and an angel's blade in my left I see above people strings coming down from the sky to the bodies of most every person like marionettes.

      I test the strings by using the angel's blade to cut off an old woman's strings of about 70-80 years old . She acts erratic and without reason without her strings. Myself and the others that knew of the cake don't seem to have any strings though we act fairly reasonably.

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    3. 10/26/2017

      by , 10-26-2017 at 01:14 PM (BloodSand's Dream Journal)
      As far back in this dream I can remember there was a winter outdoors scene with a pond. I don't remember what happened in this scene or before it.
      I then find myself in a very old looking video game with my best friend and a mutual friend of ours. The video game is a very bare open dungeon with liches and zombies and such basic monster, with modern public style bathrooms that you'd find in an mall or something.
      I seemed to have been afk from this game for some time as I had 94 orbs of (something or other) and very few other items. Either my character picked them up automatically or my friends were storing excess items on my character while I was away. I try to start figuring out the game. I've got no real weapons so I pick up some stuff off the ground that the others had thrown away. I end up using a +6 iron pickaxe but I was wondering if maybe I should be using the +4 steel scimitar. My reasoning being a steal items should be better then an iron one and it would make more sense that the scimitar would have a higher attack speed, though I saw no visible attack speed shown on the item specs. I look through my items to see if I have anything useful, I read one items that makes fur grow in an area that repels most low level monsters.

      I later find myself in a tv show with the main character. It seems that the show was some generic zombie type. The main character is talking to me giving me the rundown of how things work around there. I wasn't really paying attention, not having much interest in this scene or participating in it. I think about telling him how this was a dream, only remembering it for myself for a short time, but I opt to say that this world and him aren't real, it's just a simulation. The zombies show up and I say the simulation should run normally and leave me alone if I stay out of the main scene and run off away from the action not being in the mood for zombie killing.
      I find myself up against the wall of a building, my best friend and his girlfriend are there as well as a fictional friend I've never met before. She was a bit on the heavy side and not the most interesting personality but over all not irritating either. The other two were giving her some shit for doing something like sneaking her ex bf her period blood into prison. I wasn't about to back her on something so weirdly gross, my reaction being "uh.. yeah, that's pretty gross." At this point I've forgotten completely that this was a dream.
      We leave the tv show and go back to reality. I find myself at a party at someone's house I'm not familiar with but it's a nice atmosphere, I recognize some people there, and the residents of the house were really nice and attractive as well. They were a pair of sisters, one being between 14 and 16 years old maybe in a green shirt with A cups poking through quite prominently despite their size, and the other somewhere in her mid 20's, wearing in a sweater. The younger sister was looking for her lost video card (though usually I'd refer to it as a graphics card) and I offer to help since she actually seemed pretty distressed about it and had been nice since this scene started. The older sister ask why am I helping and I say I'd help anyone who was nice if it was a problem I could help with. I'm sure the older sister is wondering but not concerned if I had any intentions with her sister, and she accepts my answer and goes on about whatever she was doing, saying: "good, then I don't have to help her find it this time". I'm now wondering how often can someone lose a graphics card and why does this happen? Though I'd probably recognize it if I saw it I thought I'd start with the basics. "What does it look like/what model type is it?" she doesn't answer me, instead she seems to be mumbling to herself/thinking out loud incoherently in what I assume is a internal contained panic. I try to get her to calm down and sit down on the floor and ask her to come sit and tell me about the situation and such. I fail to make any headway though I felt like earlier she had been more articulate. Her sister comes in and tries to help. She's going to google the model to show me what it looks like. Her computer is ancient and she puts in a floppy disk for some reason. Both sisters are seeming much weirder than earlier, the younger one seeming autistic and the older one being merely very odd.

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    4. 6/10/2017

      by , 06-10-2017 at 10:33 AM (BloodSand's Dream Journal)
      I'm up the street slightly from my house, stepping out from a moving van with my wireless headset on I see two neighbors who don't exist in real life. One is a middle aged woman, and the other is her daughter of about 10 years old. Judging from where I believe my signal strength to the headset will reach I must have a computer in the van. There are several post in their yard and I wonder what they could be for. I walk up to investigate and I wonder if these previously unknown neighbors will attempt to chat, but instead the woman launches a single attack that I assume was a punch since I didn't actually see the attack. I'm staggered for a moment but more annoyed than anything especially since the attack didn't hurt in the slightest. I decide to get my revenge in the form of completely ignoring her instead of leaving or even launching a counter attack. I state out loud to the friends on the other side of the headset that the post are almost 3 foot tall. She summons a medium sized animal that I have forgotten what it was, likely a dog,to attack me. I send it running away after one punch to the head when it lunges at me. She then summons a squirrel. The squirrel jumps around quite randomly. It's always jumping a different height and slightly to the left or right as it does so. I'm sure it's looking for an opening to attack. I notice that this squirrel actually appears like it's nearly break dancing and I hear Mc Hammer's song Hammertime. I'm very careful not to turn my back on it, I take this squirrel much more seriously than the woman or her dog. I attempt to hit the squirrel but it's nearly useless since I can't seem to predict it's movements. I land a glancing blow that almost no power was transferred to since he was falling back to the ground at nearly the same speed as my punch. He curls up into a ball and bounces once in the air, this was my chance to attack, but the whole situation has me so off balance I miss my chance to attack while he's open.
    5. 6/5/2017

      by , 06-05-2017 at 07:26 AM (BloodSand's Dream Journal)
      I'm in an arcade at a mall, I play a crane machine and easily win a big snack. A young girl comes in an is looking around and ask me what my favorite games here are. I tell her the crane machine and a few other games that have actual prizes. She seems to like that reasoning and me. I offer her some of the snack I just won but she declines telling me she's lactose intolerant. Hearing this I pull a lactaid out and offer her the pill and the rest of my snack. She accepts happily. At some point I head home to my grandparents.

      I'm at my grandparents house, there are a lot of guest over and my grandparents and some of the guest are going out. Judging by what those who are leaving are wearing they must be going to the beach. The guest, many are cousins and some are friends I only know online, are spread out all over the house and property, and I'm worried trying to watch after them all because of the vampires. Luckily for me the vampires are scared of me and run at the sight of me and I know they only intend on one target today; Someone I only know online, let's call him Evan Wrong. I walk the property trying to take note of where everyone is and keeping an eye out for vampires. I don't find Evan but am pretty sure my presence is keeping the vampire away.
    6. 9/6/2016

      by , 09-07-2016 at 02:03 AM (BloodSand's Dream Journal)
      I'm in some kind of school,a high school I think. I'm walking down a hall and reach an intersection and get stopped by 3 or 4 girls. They demand 75 cents to pass. They claim that's the rules. I'm a bit disoriented not remembering how I got in this school, I'm thinking this sounds a lot like a shake down but until I'm sure I just figure I'll pay them. I give them a dollar and ask for a quarter back. She sort of laughs and says “thanks for your sacrifice” and ignores me. It's clear to me now that it really was a shake down. So I pick her up and turn her upside-down and shake her so coins fall out of her pockets while saying “I'm reversing this shake down”. I put her down and pick up upwards of $1.25 in change. One of the girls says “hey you can't do that!”. I say to this group of scrawny little girls “well then do something about it.” I'm sure I can take the whole group of them fairly easily. I walk away and hear them getting a security guard. Not wanting to deal with them playing the victim I go outside, but realize I'm not going to get anywhere fast enough from out here, so I wait for the group and security guard to show up so I can at least explain outside of the commotion of the halls. A heavy set girl who seems older then the other girls comes out and grabs me. I push her off easily and say “relax I'm not going anywhere anyway”. I end up in some student/teach court type of thing. I'm forgetting a lot of details at this point but I make my case, get some laughs with some jokes I make and win. After words, outside of the room the court was being held in a teacher approaches me and says something like “you're not the type to just follow the rules quietly huh?” and I say “it depends on if they are fair or not. Our conversation ends at some point and I hear her on the phone, what ever I hear sounds like some kind of conspiracy. I pretend not to be listening as I look out a window.

      I find myself in another dream, in a different setting. I'm escorting a girl outside of a hospital. She points to a building and says “that's where we're going it says -i forget what she said the sign read- “ but at I look at the building the sign is only halfway up and doesn't say anything close to what she said she was reading. I assume she can't read well and just memorized what it has said before. We end up looking at a map of the buildings. I remember some very rude woman not letting us look at any of the maps on the walls while she was pacing back and forth using them. There is an evacuation at some point,a fire alarm or something, I'm not sure. Everyone head away from the building. I go the other way hearing crying. I look under a table and there is a little Hispanic girl crying with her umbrella turned inside out. I know I help her, but I can't remember anymore after this.
    7. 8/22/2016

      by , 08-22-2016 at 07:01 PM (BloodSand's Dream Journal)
      I had traveled back in time 2 years and I was supposed to take some magic class at this school. I think I was their to change the outcome of some events but I didn't know the details. My being there was apparently known to be enough. The plan was to return to the present once I knew enough magic to do so. At some point in this school everyone seemed to be a little freaked out and the friends I had made said we should get out of the building. So I agreed to leave with them. Someone had jammed a door closed with a soda bottle with a teacher locked inside, so I removed the bottle before leaving.
      I find myself outside at some sort of event. A lot of private homes doing their own thing. I end up at some house with a little girl who asked if I'd like to see their Jackalopes. I say sure I'll take a look at them. She takes me out back and shows me these huge freaken rabbits or maybe hares. They are about 1 and a half feet long and no antlers. I'm actually a bit scared of them and try to keep them away from me. The girls picks one up and says they are fine,but a rabbit irritated at me trying to shoo it away ends up chasing me on top of a car. At this point it's smaller and faster and maybe it turned into a weasel or something. I wait for it to pop up again holding a brick to bash it with.
      I know there was a third act to this dream, but by the time I got down the first two parts I forgot the last parts details.
    8. 8/18/2016

      by , 08-18-2016 at 01:29 PM (BloodSand's Dream Journal)
      I was trying to get a hold of my friend Beery since we had plans to go get pizza with Jon but it was already much later than we planned to meet but he didn't answer his phone. Jon showed up at some point and asked where Beery was and I told him I wasn't able to get a hold of him yet. I call him again and he answers, for some reason he is staying at my aunts and I can also barely hear him on the phone. He tells me he's not sure if he wants to come yet, that he's feeling pretty crappy. I give Jon the update on the situation. The house we are in is actually one I don't recognize. I walk into the kitchen and there is Beery talking to an attractive girl with a full ass, so just Beery's type. I say hi and probably something else, but I don't recall now. Beery says I've sort of got bad timing at the moment, the two are close and his hand is on her ass, so I go find somewhere else to be and assume the meet up for pizza is off and am kind of annoyed since we had plans, but given the hot girl he's inexplicably gotten close with I decide to let it go. In another kitchen or maybe a dining room I find some other people eating pizza, I join them to grab a slice but all the good pizza was gone, the only thing left was this sauce-less pizza with some odd cheese. At some point I find myself at a field with a young boy (maybe 8), he may have been alone or maybe my brother was also there. He is talking about his powers, that he can do a sort of force push or shove. I say that's pretty cool and ask him to show me. I say try pushing me back 3 feet with it and try not to knock me over. He runs at and I put my right side to him since I was startled and didn't expect him to run at me. I'm push back maybe 1 foot and it felt like the blood was forced out of right arm as I was pushed back by a sort of force field. He had sort of described his powers wrong since it was more of a barrier power that he was just turning on and running with. A younger girl (about 4 or 5 maybe that I assume to be his sister) appears out of no where, but I saw her do it, she literally seemed to come from no where. She had either teleported in or had been invisible. I'm pretty sure she had been invisible. I tell her that "you two really shouldn't be going around telling everyone about these powers." It could be dangerous.
    9. 4/26/2016

      by , 04-26-2016 at 04:35 PM (BloodSand's Dream Journal)
      I was on a planet of slaves. Everyone was required to wear an electronic collar that you weren't supposed to take off, but was easy to take off. There were flying drones that would shoot if you were spotted without the collar. I was about 6 or 7 years old with my mother, I had been born on the planet but my mom had not been. Scavenged things on the planet could be traded for money that could be used for food and basic things. I recall a spoon cost 3 cents. Mom was sad that I was stuck on that planet with her as a slave, but I told her it wasn't so bad for me. “I don't feel like a slave, I just feel like I couldn't leave the planet.” Which I couldn't but felt normal, likely because in waking life I am also confined to the planet I am on.

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    10. 4/18/2016

      by , 04-18-2016 at 09:42 AM (BloodSand's Dream Journal)
      I was at school where they were having some kind of convention that was largely League of Legends based. There were also challenger players from other countries there. I was talking to one such person, he was Asian,and he spoke perfect English. He asked if I had a twitch account. I told him I don't bother with things like that I'm a very casual player. Some severe weather seems to be coming in and buses are at the school ready to pick everyone up but there doesn't seem to be enough so everyone is rushing to get to a bus or to a friend with a car. I try first to see if an acquaintance there has room in his car to take me with him, he doesn't. So I go to where the last unfilled buses are. In front of a bus for the handicapped is a bus that is just about full, a girl gets on first, then I do and the last bus is at maximum capacity. At some point a bus cuts a corner to sharp and goes over a small stream, luckily it makes it over somehow by driving on a log that I just happened to put there earlier myself. Realistically that log wouldn't have held a fraction of the buses weight. I see that there are downed trees, branches, and leaves everywhere, so I guess a hurricane must have come near by. The destruction looked familiar enough. We are approaching my stop but we have to detour do to downed trees or something. I was close enough that I could easily just get off and walk from there, but I was in no rush to get home. If something went wrong along the way I felt I was the best equipped to help or at the very least I was the strongest since most people there were physically their 9th grade selves and I was my adult self or perhaps just retained my adult strength, also there was a girl there who was cute.
    11. 4/16/2016

      by , 04-16-2016 at 01:28 PM (BloodSand's Dream Journal)
      I'm at a hospital/doctors office, helping a friends old friend Stephanie. She has an appointment there but was to anxious to come alone so my friend Beery and my mom and I come with her. I find by coincidence that my grandparents also have an appointment themselves and in the waiting room. I don't remember why now but one of the doctors there really pissing me off and I'm about ready to physically attack him. The doctor is a bit of a big guy and clearly works out, to make matters worse he indicates that he knows taekwondo. He ask me what I think I could possibly hope to accomplish if I were to fight him. I'm not willing to back down just because I'm likely to lose and get my ass completely kicked and I say “well, probably going to get my ass kicked”. I then come in to attack, hope he's just proficient enough to be able to read and manipulate easier but not so well as to be able to completely nullify any attack I launch. So I come in trying to telegraph an attack for the solar plexus, when his stance shifts I look for any opening even if it's not one likely to do any damage. I kick behind his knee and punch him in the side. I back out and shift back to defense. The attack didn't do much, but it was still more then I could have really hoped for against a big guy who claims to have some training. I had got an attack in and managed not to get counter attacked, even if he barely felt it. My grandfather shows up and luckily despite not knowing anything of situation he decides to back me. My grandfather is a big man but with his health lately he wouldn't likely be able to do much, luckily in the dream he seems to be more like himself from 10/15/20 years ago. A time skip occurs in the dream without my noticing. With my grandfather's help we have him beaten and he hold him down for me. I grab a bucket and a gallon of water. I put the bucket under his head and pour the water over his mouth and in his nose basically waterboarding him. I head back to the spot where Stephanie is sitting and realize I left my pants in the other room. I had never taken off my pants, but I went back to get them, more worried about my wallet in them then the actual pants themselves. Other things happen but are fuzzy in detail now, the doctor planning to get revenge, him bugging my toothbrush and my step-dad being at the same office/hospital over hearing that fact and wanting to help.
    12. 3/31/2016

      by , 03-31-2016 at 11:56 PM (BloodSand's Dream Journal)
      I'm in an airport with family. The airport has a lot of elevators and is very crowded. I'm trying to sort out some kind of mix up with some paper work for my grandmother and people keep reading a brand name on my sweatshirt and thinking that is my name, others mistake me for my grandmother when I present her papers. At some point I'm not sorting out paper work or talking to airport workers and more and I've split off from my family. I notice a girl sitting on a marble ledge by a food court. She has short hair dyed various colors in some places. I remember seeing green and at least two other colors. I walk up to her and something to the effect of “hello cutie”. She says hi and ask me what kind of music I like. I tell her I like just about every type of music but country. She says something to the effect of “Come on you've got to do better then that. I'm not interested in guys who can't answer this question correctly.” I get annoyed thinking I don't want to deal with a girl who thinks like that so I start to get up to walk away. She stops me. Her challenge of the question apparently being a bluff. She kisses me and sits on top of me. At some point I find we are having sex but I don't remember taking my pants of or even pulling myself through my pants. As she's grinding on top of me we scoot a bit on the marble ledge into a spot slightly less in view of the bulk of the crowd. She says something like “oh this is so nice I can't believe I'm not paying for it.” I sort of laugh and say “Oh no charge, but if we get fined for public indecency you're welcome to pick up the bill.” I then realize we are still out in public sitting on that marble ledge. I suggest somewhere more secluded so we head into the women's bathroom. It's still pretty crowded in their and not very clean. We head over to the men's bathroom thinking it's probably empty compared to the women's bathroom. It was bigger but even more crowded and kids including girls that were in their with their fathers presumably. There were a couple of isles in there strange as it was so we hoped to find a place that was less in plane view.
    13. 3/22/2016

      by , 03-22-2016 at 09:40 PM (BloodSand's Dream Journal)
      I'm in some kind of school. School having just let out everyone is either getting ready to leave or fooling around. At some point I realize I can make myself stick to the walls by pressing a foot to the wall and having classical music play in my head, my center of gravity would shift from pressing down to pressing towards the wall. Not nearly as strongly but enough that I could then put my next foot to the wall and then my hands. I had to concentrate but I could do it. I was stuck facing away from the wall with my hands and feet touching the wall. I concentrated more and removed my hands and straightened out my legs and I was able to slowly walk on the wall. Most people didn't seem to notice and the one person who did was pretty sure it was a trick, most likely because their view of me was largely obstructed. Having exhausted myself preforming this new ability I have to stop and walk on the ground. I look for my backpack and get ready to leave, to find that I am already wearing my backpack. So I head up the staircase and out the big glass doors of the school. Outside the property of the school is like my step dad's yard except in reverse. Where the front yard and house and sheds and stuff would be was all school. The steep driveway instead was in what would be the back of the backyard leading down into the main road. I pass a gym class that was mostly let out as well but the gym coach had hold up a few students he didn't seem happy with. I continue past them to wait near the driveway for the buses to arrive. My brother who was apparently part of the gym class threw a baseball to me, I pick it up and throw it back. It seems to fall a bit short then it rolls and seems like it's going to land right by his feet but then it instead rolls under a car. He fetches it out and seems mad that is landed under the car and throws the ball at me. I'm out of the way but the way the ball is heading it would go down the driveway and likely be lost forever, so I smack the ball with my hand, it lands near a pile of junk. I saved the ball from being lost but I was to annoyed to go pick it up and throw it back again so I leave it there.
    14. 3/10/2013

      by , 03-10-2013 at 11:05 PM (BloodSand's Dream Journal)
      A lot of details lost in this dream:

      I think I was at a mall. I remember at first there was some kind of out break of small monsters. At some point they were taken care of, I don't remember how. I find that my strength and speed are severely enhanced. At some point I come across this woman, I feel a mutual attraction between us. She attacks me, she's much stronger. She sends me flying back, I run back at her, while on two legs the front of my body still in front of my just a few inches from the ground. I put my arms out to my sides and run blades across the floor, but I don't have blades, it's just my finger tips. I come back on her and give her a good show of strength, my right hand no longer blade like I phase through her attacking at the heart, she knocks my arm out of her before I can get at her heart. She has her hand in me, her fingers phasing through my heart, a simple thing to kill me at that point. I look her in the eyes and we both smile. I ask if I at least put up a good fight. She removes her hand from my chest.

      During half of the fight it was as if I almost saw simultaneous images of our self's in the same place, the set I didn't quite see were bigger and had a different shape. We come to some large double doors, a man opens it. The same simultaneous image thing is going on with him as well, but the image I don't quite see is much bigger then the us I didn't quite see. He ask us something. We come in at some point. There are more like us around, two groups, we head over to the smaller group. Each group encircles a regular person, they both seem scared. The simultaneous images of those of us who aren't the two regular people start to switch, we were all changing.

      Me and the woman run off from this new group. I'm still more aware of the human simultaneous image of us both. We seem to both have the idea of sex, but both filled with hunger and blood thirst. Although I remember the group we left with the normal people they had cornered, I suggest we find some rodents or something first so that neither of us kill each other after our more intimate encounter. We run around at high speeds through the building looking for something non-human to eat. It occurs to me that inside the building might not be the best place to search. We needed to go outside.

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    15. 10/10/2012

      by , 10-10-2012 at 02:24 PM (BloodSand's Dream Journal)
      The dream starts as I'm in my room and I'm playing on a console connected to my TV. On the console I'm playing slender which apparently in my dream had been adapted for console. I think "this game isn't so scarey, I wont be scared that easily" not even more than a few second into the game just thinking about the possibility of being scared sets off my paranoia as has happened plenty of times in waking life when alone and in a dimly lit room. I turn off the game, the room is suddenly darker for the TV being off.

      I have a false awakening and I'm in bed,I reach for my dimmer switch that I keep in my bed and hold in the button trying to brighten the lights. Of course it doesn't work. The switch is acting up, so I keep at it and eventually get it bright enough that I am satisfied with the brightness enough to get off the bed to turn on the main ceiling lights.

      I get up and within the dream I hallucinate a man hanging upside down from the ceiling facing away from me. He's in black and white and seems to be sort of folded in on himself. To skinny even his head, and his shoulders are close together, his arms go into his waist from wrist down and doesn't have any visible hands. I'm having a hard time moving around at this point but I figure if I move I can break the hallucination, but as this was actually a dream it didn't break. I wasn't in a hypnogogic state as I believed in the dream. I bat at the man with my right hand and it goes through his head. He seems to flicker as if a horror movie effect from the Ring or something.

      I walk past him and try to turn another light on. Again the light is acting up and I don't seem to notice that I'm in a different room then I was a second ago, then I am back where I was and try for the light I was originally going for. It too is acting up, but after a few flicking of the switch it finally turns on, but a bit dimmer than it should be.

      I head for the stairs and find myself at the top not noticing within the dream the chronological gaps or being out of place suddenly from where I was. I hear something and as this point am pretty scared. I turn around and hear someone coming in through the backdoor in the basement. I turn around and look down the steps, they are shorter then they were before I went to go up them as they are in waking life. I bend my knees reading to pounce down the steps the moment I see the intruder and take them out, being confident at the time that the adrenaline would give me enough strength even if it was a larger man or two men about my size.

      It's neither though and I don't have to pounce. It's my mom and a friend of hers I've never seen. My mom is in semi-Gothic makeup and clothing and her friend is in an outfit made of pleather. I'm relieved that it's not an intruder that I'd have to fight. I think I recall my mom saying something like what would you have done if it actually had been a intruder larger then myself. I replied saying that I think I would have been able to take them do to the adrenaline pumping through me at the moment.

      I also think that later I should call the government and inform them an the hallucinations I was having, just having been evaluated since I have been applying for disability and not having any mention of the kind of hallucination I believed to be experiencing to the doctor who evaluated me.

      I hop downstairs and we move to the other side of the basement. Never actually having moved through the door going to the other side of the basement I find myself there with them. It's no longer the basement and there is a fourth person with us. A very large muscular man. There is no instruction in any sense. He wasn't there and then he was,again not noticing the chronological gaps, talking to him as if he had been introduced earlier.

      I hop were I'm going rather then walk, I hop very far on one stride and gravities effect on me seem to be less do to the adrenaline I believed to be pumping through me and this seems to make perfect sense at the time.

      My mom and her friend make there way to a table the big guy ether falling behind or no longer existing in the dream since I stopped thinking about him. I make my way to a somewhat older looking elf with a monocle in a lawn chair. I see his deathly sick wife laying down a little bit away from where most of this was happening. I can't discern whether she is human or elf but it never occurred to me to wonder that in the dream anyway.

      I seem to have vague memories of him and pose a question "what if a man could go back in time?". I ask this believing that it was in his power to travel with us in time, to save his wife. Although I don't believe that to be my true motive for trying to provoke him. He instantly reacts negatively, but then he seems to dualisticly hold a bit of a gollum-esk argument with himself without me having to throw much into the conversation. I notice that he has some small fangs as he speaks.

      Likely my motivation for trying to provoke the fellow with the monocle into time travel was my belief that somehow I could attempt to attain immortality if I did travel in time with him.

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