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    The “Patches” Odyssey, Part Three

    by , 11-02-2018 at 07:36 PM (101 Views)
    Morning of May 24, 1970. Sunday.

    Dream #: 1,252-01. Reading time (optimized): 2 min. Readability score: 73.

    A sense of timelessness permeates my offset dream of me “sleeping” in the southwest Cubitis house’s bedroom. I see myself lying on my back (as if seeing “me” from the left side of the bed) looking up at the window (though the me in bed would not be able to see the detail of the sash window as my dream view does). Three bats flutter in and out through the missing window panes of the highest row. They move slowly and slightly erratically like butterflies more than bats. They seem to be important in a way that projects into my future well-being, many years from now.

    I become aware of what I first think might be a coffin to the left of the bed. (There is a vague association with the opened coffin in the Barbara Steele movie “Castle of Blood.”) However, I then perceive it as an electric reed organ.

    From the song: “Down by the river that flows by the coal yards”… “He says a girl name of Patches was found, floating face down in that dirty old river.” My childhood self (age nine) did not wholly understand the song. I knew Patches had drowned and that it related to love, but little else. Still, the magical beings had resurrected her in my dream.

    In my dream’s final scene (May 24, 1970 version), I felt myself rising into the air while watching “me” walking with Patches (Brenda) down a footpath (away from my direct view). It seems to be morning. There is a winter wind implied (even though it is summer in reality) and dead leaves blowing around. There is a strange feeling of destiny as the three entities (bats, fairies, butterflies, moths, now birds) are still watching us. I see a closeup on my right of three small birds huddling together in a supposed cold breeze. Beyond, I see “me” and Brenda walking as my dream self rises higher. I wake with a sense of deep peace and even nostalgia.

    After moving to Australia, Google Maps revealed the Cubitis house had become as it was in my dream. I have included the image; top, from years ago; bottom, as it is now.

    The bedroom was also as it was only in my dream years later while I was still living there. The bed would be in the same location, and my father had bought an electric reed organ (the kind of which a fan blows through reeds) and placed it in the same location.

    Zsuzsanna’s father had caught three bats in a jar when she was young and kept them for a short time.

    The Port Kembla Coal Terminal (near where Zsuzsanna was born) became a key coal exporting facility on Australia’s east coast.

    Zsuzsanna was involved (when younger) with a church of which she did not want to be.

    Brenda (Patches) was a stand-in in many dreams, though sometimes my “mystery girl” accurately appeared as Zsuzsanna long before I met her in waking life, even with the unlikely Hungarian-Australian accent.

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