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    “Take them to the Mines”

    by , 12-18-2020 at 10:14 AM (775 Views)
    Night of December 17, 2020. Thursday.

    Dream #: 19,722-18. Reading time: 2 min 12 sec.

    In my dream, I become aware of being in an unfamiliar house. I am looking through a doorway where a young girl sits at a desk in a smaller room, writing. (I am standing near the center of a mostly featureless room.) A little bird is on her desk, having left its cage. I am somewhat surprised that cerebral phasing (and its personification) is still active. Ordinarily, the Naiad factor (melatonin mediation) has occupied this part of my sleep cycle’s timeline for over 50 years. (She is not a Naiad though she does mention mines, suggesting caves, in the outcome of the narrative.)

    I slowly become aware of the silhouettes of about six birds. They are peregrine falcons and owls flying around in the foreground, about two feet in front of me in the same room. There is significant energy that increases over time.

    After an intriguing sustained hypnotic focus on this shadowy rustling and atypical energy for this stage, the girl turns to tell me, “Take them to the mines.” I know it means to prepare to enter a deeper sleep to decrease vestibular phasing and myoclonic anticipation.

    How to understand the reasons for dream content:

    Can ultradian rhythm, sleep dynamics, and the time of my dream be determined solely by content? Yes, in this instance, it most certainly can. Here is why:

    Firstly, “take them to the mines,” preconsciously commands going to a dark place underground. In other words, it anticipates my liminal thoughts of entering deeper sleep near the beginning of my sleep cycle. (I am typically aware of the causes of my dreams while I am navigating them. It is not “intepretation” to already comprehend what is occurring.) References to caves in anticipation of entering (or returning to) deeper sleep have been a regular feature in my dreams for over 50 years.

    Because the peregrine falcons and owls are somewhat restless and in the foreground, as a result of predominant vestibular phasing (implying it will take longer to succumb to sleep atonia), the cerebral phasing personification (the girl at her desk) increases to bring attention to the process; thus the cerebral phasing (and reasoning ability) is also at a higher level than usual. Birds also often anticipate myoclonus while sleeping, though in this case, the residual vestibular phasing does not result in myoclonus.

    Why is my anticipation of slow-wave sleep compensated for here in associating it with mines? It is because of experiencing sleep apnea recently. The girl says, “Take them to the mines.” Despite the peregrine falcons and owls indicating restless residual vestibular phasing, a subliminal reference to canaries in coal mines for detecting harmful gases is a factor. It is associated with not being able to breathe while sleeping. Despite subliminally anticipating sleep apnea in this instance, I otherwise rarely experience it.

    My dreams often include literal references to sleeping or dreaming because I am always aware (on one of three fundamental levels; instinctual, liminal, or lucid) when navigating dream space (and duality).

    My dream’s partial influence is the print “El sueño de la razón produce monstruos” (“The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters”) by Francisco Goya. However, the foundation stems from “Young Girl Writing at Her Desk with Birds” by Henriette Browne. There was no perception of uneasiness despite the inference of the Goya print.

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    1. Blue_Opossum's Avatar
      I have always experienced phasing sequences, often in the same order, in every sleep cycle since childhood, though not so vivid in every dream. Duality (that does not exist in waking life) allows me to perceive what is going on in three modes of navigation; instinctual, liminal, and lucid. My main phasing is vestibular with physicality, somatosensory (increased awareness of hands and touching), imaginary but vivid sense of movement, and enhanced cognizance with the desire to seek text (but which decreases everything else including sense of physicality).

      Managing liminality (and lucidity) and duality have always come spontaneously to me (long before I even heard of "lucid dreaming"), which it is why it is strange for me to see people write only about waking-life-related "interpretation" while completely ignoring the nature of dream state navigation stemming from dreaming itself.

      From what I have read, many people do not experience different types of cortical patterns or phasing AT ALL, supposedly only imagery or in some cases, third-person only. So ultimately, it seems people's minds can be as different (in the dream state) as night and day.

      Thank you very much for commenting. I have found it is rare for someone to "get" that dream content is often primarily the result of navigating dream space even though this was known many years ago, as in this quote:

      "Similarly, he (Herbert Silberer) has shown that the conclusions of some dreams or some divisions in their content merely signify the dreamer's own perception of his sleeping and waking...in persons who are gifted philosophically and accustomed to introspection it may become very evident."
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      Not sure what is going on with the comment section. Apologies. Nothing is working as documented.
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      Comment from Summerlander - Yesterday 17:14:


      You made it clear that there is a distinction between dream interpretation and metacognition of oneiric causes. Would I be right to assume it comes naturally to you? It seems like that head space is readily available to you while most of us speculate post-REM sleep.

      In one of my most recent lucid dreams I failed to recall the first step of a plan of action, which was to experience the Minecraft world in 3D by plunging into the telly while my son played the game.

      Instead, I ran around in a dream park in frustration because the plan eluded me, all the while being chased by a peculiar Beano-like character that I found annoyingly distracting at the time.

      Had I had your metacognition at the time, I might have realised that 'Beano' looked like someone straight out of the Minecraft world. So I may have inadvertently avoided a representation of the memory of that particular step in my plan of action. It seems I literally evaded the externalised memory 'coming to me' as we so often say when we forget things.

      In hindsight, it makes more sense that he was never random, but rather, served an experiential purpose.
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      Oh, I see. Moderation of comments has not worked for years. Again, apologies. Now I know what NOT to do.
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      I would get in touch with Admin Spellbee2 or try asking what is going on in https://www.dreamviews.com/meta-forum/

      By the way, Happy Birthday!
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      Thank you very much.

      I saw a thread about it from 2014, I think. Same issue. I'll just leave everything as it is from here on. I haven't been spammed or trolled for awhile anyway.