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    “Time to Ride”

    by , 05-01-2018 at 08:29 AM (392 Views)
    Morning of May 1, 2018. Tuesday.

    I become somewhat puzzled in one of my last dreams of my sleep cycle. I keep hearing the old Donny Osmond song (from when he was a boy), “The Wild Rover (Time to Ride)”, which I had on a 45 when I was a boy. It is a song that had not even crossed my mind in many years.

    Eventually, during sustained hypnopompic disclosure (the period in which my previous dream’s meaning surfaces and is clearly understood), I perceive it as the usual autosymbolic waking process, which had borrowed “The sun’s about to rise”, one of the song’s lines. (This happens fairly often, that is, my dreams using waking process autosymbolism based on song lyrics, and it is sometimes songs of which I had not even thought about at all in years.)

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    1. Charles3's Avatar
      Thats cool about songs. Lots of Eminem lyrics play in my head and I havent listened to Eminem in years. Except a few songs a few months ago. I wonder why the song is still there.