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    10 Dreams with Vestibular System Correlation Set 1

    by , 05-25-2018 at 08:33 PM (474 Views)
    Afternoon of May 24, 2018. Thursday.

    Vestibular system correlation is the most common cause of the autosymbolism of the dream state.

    Vestibular system correlation is the result of the illusory dream self lacking the discernment of the physical body during the first stages of consciousness reinitiation by way of RAS (reticular activating system) mediation and modulation. This is a biological correlation, yet also inclusive of liminal anticipation of the waking process.

    In this series, I will be including my original date codes rather than dream titles, as each event described and explained in this series is only part of a particular dream’s autosymbolic process. The date code is year (four digits), month (two digits), day (two digits), and the hour of the sleep cycle in which the dream occurred (two digits). This is the only viable way to order dreams, which I first used at the beginning of fifth grade. The order here will be entirely random as I look back and choose particular dreams. As I have tens of thousands of dreams and their causes and meanings not yet posted anywhere online, I am considering new methods of dream journal entries, such as sets of 25 to 50 dream events in a singular entry with summaries that are more concise, with their causes and meanings.

    1) (1966122301). This was a series of dream sequences based on resets by way of liminal dream control (though of which partial lucidity was present at times, though lucidity and dream control are unrelated despite popular misconceptions). The most vivid event resulted in being saved from a fall from the Rose Street apartment’s roof by a “Shadow Cat” (from “Gay Purr-ee”, a 1962 American animated film musical). Based on the foundation of liminal anticipation of hypnic jerks (which I call “hypnopompic kicks” when they occur at the end of a dream), the scenario developed out of the unexpected disappearance (in my dream only) of the external staircase at the back of the building while seeking to use it to enhance my dream. (Since I was a toddler, I knew that staircases were autosymbolic of the dreaming and waking process, so I typically used them to vivify and sustain a dream.) Why I chose the “shadow” (in the form of a bizarre anthropomorphic cat silhouette, though in my dream seemed more like a helpful human adult, probably modeled after my father in this case) from an animated movie I had seen only hours previously is interesting. Most people see the “shadow” as eerie or even malevolent, yet the form comes from the preconscious, not the unconscious as so many erroneously believe. I have only ever seen the “shadow” as either a loving entity or a thread of my conscious self identity being rendered within the dream state for my illusory dream self to acknowledge and find validity and stability in (as the dream self lacks a real physical body, which vestibular system correlation is all about). (There is also a hidden factor regarding cats, in that they supposedly “always land on their feet”.)

    2) (1964070506). At age three, floating, flying, and falling dreams were at their peak. In this recurring series, I sometimes chose Woody Woodpecker to be the factor of falling out of the dream state, depicted as driving my brother-in-law’s car with Knothead and Splinter as front seat passengers. The event was Woody Woodpecker driving off a steep embankment with a sustained scene of them in the car (as viewed by hovering in front of the scene) rolling down the hill, screaming, and waving their arms with their eyes bulging. This was loosely modeled after real-life experiences, one influenced by a road in Florida that was so wavy in shorter distances it was like going up and down on a rollercoaster, another influence from riding in a car up to Grandad Bluff, and another from the steep ride to Chipmunk Coulee, where we lived. Ultimately, from what others have written about dreams, these were not even technically nightmares. Fear was minimal and it was more like watching a curious impersonal scene. There were versions of this dream where they were people, not cartoon woodpeckers, but the rendering was still not very realistic. Vestibular system correlation autosymbolism occurs in different forms. This was more of a projected form rather than a directly experienced form.

    3) (1965110203). This dream was lucid, though I did not seek to alter it. A gigantic bat flies over Carol (older half-sister on my mother’s side) on Chipmunk Coulee, though it is mostly only seen in shadow against the late night sky. There is no fear on my part, though she appears startled by the event. This dream vividly repeated many years later while I was otherwise awake and walking to another sister’s house just before Carol had a heart attack (but recovered from it) and coincidentally having moved to a location near the original dream setting. This certainly does not indicate that my original dream was premonitory, but that my mind “borrowed” and vividly repeated it while awake to designate prescience of the event. Additionally, I never saw large bats (flying foxes) in real life until many years later when I moved to Australia.

    4) (1972020407). The song “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In” by the 5th Dimension mainly influenced this dream. I titled it “When the moon is in the Seventh House” (the first lyric of the song), which featured the moon turning into a giant animated crow and falling into the closet of the southwest bedroom of the Cubitis house as the waking alert factor. (This is the closet I went to get my clothes to get ready for school this year.) As is often the case, this was projected vestibular system correlation rather than directly experienced. (There was also influence from a liminal focus on the January 30 1972 lunar eclipse.)

    5) (1968111508). In this dream, I watch a giant eagle-like silhouette flying across the sky, between two clusters of cypress trees as tall as skyscrapers. There is an extraordinary sense of timelessness and nostalgia. This dream was influenced by three main factors; the Pogo Possum comic strip by Walt Kelly, the swampy Fort Ogden area in Florida where I lived when I was very young, a deck of educational cards that, when flicked through, display an animation of wild animal silhouettes with a bird silhouette flying above them. (Another deck featured a rabbit hopping into a hat, the hat rolling around, and a dove flying out.)

    6) (1981112904). I see an oversized shadow of a raven (though I do not actually see a raven) move up and to the right (in a diagonal path) in the house in Cubitis upon the wall between the kitchen and the entrance to the hallway. It seems very late at night. There is a very vivid sense of timelessness and isolation, though not in a negative sense, only as if I am the only person in the region or in this realm. It is as if I am viewing time itself in the form of a bird.

    7) (1988021308). With much of my conscious self identity extant, I find myself in the backyard of an unfamiliar residence. About five men are inside but soon come outside. One man comes out pushing a bicycle, down the steps and into the backyard, and I focus on how the bicycle seems an exact “duplicate” of mine. I say, with a sudden clarity, “How is this possible?” and he says with a very friendly tone, finishing with my first name as if he knows me very well, “Parallel ground Claude”. Thus, some RAS personifications (even though they always maintain the same underlying essence) seem wary of the waking process while others embrace it, though the ultimate purpose is to initiate consciousness. What defines the differences, or is it just incidental? Both a bicycle and an airplane are autosymbolic projections of the liminal awareness of the physical body while in the dream state. In this case, RAS even explained the meaning to me. His explanation of “parallel ground” is a perfect analogy to vestibular system correlation, where the illusory nature of the imaginary dream body correlates with the discernment of the physical body in the final moments of waking.

    8) (2014030706). In this situation, I am back in my room in Cubitis in late morning. A large bird, which resembles a pelican, is standing on a chair near the west windows. There is no other furniture in my room. There is no danger, and it seems very majestic. It seems to have the essence of a very old mystical being and I think of the mythical phoenix. In my dream, as in many other dreams, I seem much younger, probably only about fourteen. However, unlike with many other non-lucid (though very vivid) dreams, I have a very vague awareness of my current conscious self.

    9) (1971011502). This was a very enjoyable dream despite the implications. In late night, I wander out onto the carport (liminal space autosymbolism) and see that the house is apparently floating high up within a tornado. I watch debris fly by to my left (beyond the carport) and I am amazed by the vividness. I do not feel alarmed at all, only puzzled. On the east end of the carport, a large bird flies down to gaze at me, as if to offer help, though remains directly on the end of the carport. It seems very “wise” and has the essence of a very old “teacher”. I sense that it is “king of the birds” and it is even wearing a crown. I see that it is exactly my height. Although I associate it with a hawk, it was influenced somewhat by the Woggle-Birds from “Jack and the Beanstalk” (a 1967 TV movie), though far more “realistic” if still somewhat sketchy.

    10) (1967122702). This extraordinarily vivid dream was directly influenced by photographs from a book; the Time-Life Nature Library “The Birds”, which I had gotten for Christmas at age seven. (The photograph was taken the day before my dream occurred on December 26, 1967.) My dream was a curious shift of RAS modulation (the primary form being a snake as the biological waking alert factor) turning quickly into vestibular system correlation. I was walking on a dirt road near an isolated cornfield very late at night, with stalks about twice my height. I had a curious “realization” of being followed by a snake though it is not crawling very fast. Soon, a large owl flies down and attacks the snake and I no longer feel wary. As with many of my childhood dreams, I had no clear awareness of my parents or my age

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