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    The Alien Abduction and Adoption Conspiracies

    by , 01-27-2014 at 07:27 AM (341 Views)
    Morning of January 27, 2014. Monday.

    Dream #: 17,206-03. Reading time (optimized): 3 min.

    I am in the distant future and about eighteen years old. I am in a control station where men are performing maintenance. The underground chamber is dark. There are three sets of tracks that interlink, in an arrangement of one above the other in some areas so that a train may be very close when passing in either direction above or below another. It is a bookcase-like framework. Groups of men cooperate to guide a big fire hose and are watering down sections of the track after some trains pass so that they do not overheat. I see steam everywhere. There is noise, and it is hard work. The population is dense, so underground trains must move across a big complex grid of tracks of at least three tiers. (Some of this was influenced by “The Bloodhouse,” a 23-minute documentary, about a week ago, about where my wife was born in Port Kembla, a town of surreal industrialization.)

    Trains would crash into each other unless a worker remains vigilant, using a control box on a large column. It is like the duty of an air traffic controller but a faster pace. There are about four pudgy men on a break before checking the condition of some older panels and equipment of lesser use. I wander into the area, saying I am only looking around and enjoy learning from places I have not yet been. I explain myself because an older man (of about sixty), whose name is George, asks me why I am “back with humans” again because he recognizes me from when he was much younger, yet I was of the same appearance then. My presence seems to annoy him. I like George, but I am apologetic that he does not seem to like beings who are “not human.” He was part of a group of adopted children from parents whom aliens had abducted, but the adoption agency never revealed the truth. After their parents were back on Earth, their children never learned of this. (“George” is a play on “György,” my wife’s father’s name).

    Over time, I witness a derailing. People talk about how to avoid them (influence from “The Bloodhouse” video). I go to a group who are familiar with adoption coverups. Polish people were also abducted. I want to find out about George’s parents so he might have closure. I use a machine that is reminiscent of an old disused video game kiosk to insert a device that is like a CRT monitor (but lighter) into a hollow section. I enter access codes. The history of the world is available. There are scenes of dinosaurs and flying pterodactyls and later, prehistoric men in a later era. I tell someone about a species of dinosaur that could speak, comparable to parrots. There is an idea, featured as a cartoon of low quality that the first “dragon” was a pterodactyl. I lived during these times and have vague memories of my prehistoric past.

    I am now near a frozen lake. Athletic females are ice-skating as part of the “Ice Capades.” There are small groups of spectators, one of old female hippies from Nimbin who have at least two mermaid dolls among them; one with a green scaly tail, the other with a purple scaly tail. A couple seems in a trance as they can barely move. I decide not to approach any of them. I slide around on the ice on my stomach, mentally propelling myself forward at a slow speed at times, enjoying the iciness for several minutes. I eventually conclude that it is not that interesting, so I get up to do something else.

    Details about blue and brown eyes become a focus. It allows me to find George’s father, who supposedly had brown eyes. I gather documents to reveal the parents of all the adopted children. Even though the people are all old now, they will have closure. I get the impression that George’s parents are still alive, so he will finally get to know them.

    Dream signature: Vestibular system adaptation with vestibular cortex activity (railroad tracks above me), melatonin mediation (workers watering railroad tracks), preconscious mediation (talking with George), thinking skills and consciousness emerging (entering access codes), dream state sustained (frozen lake), contemplation of vestibular system correlation to increase awareness of physicality (watching ice skaters), contemplation of water reinduction with awareness the body does not move while sleeping (mermaid dolls), willing vestibular system correlation (sliding on ice), REM recognition (focus on eye dynamics). Waking contemplation (George “returning home”).

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