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    Angel Doctor

    by , 03-27-2009 at 09:27 AM (267 Views)
    Morning of March 27, 2009. Friday.

    One dream of this date was very long and detailed but with a few uneventful sections. For the most part, I was some sort of doctor moving through time in the manner of an angelic being. While in the past in-dream, there are far more people who seem to respect me than in later eras. In one era, I heal an elderly lady with a serious illness who is close to death. The family already has an urn for cremation and looking forward to inheriting her money. In this part, I notice my reflection on the glass door in one area of the hospital. I have bright silvery eyes but the rest (including my hair, although quite shorter in my dream) looks mostly human. For some reason, I seem to be dressed like an ancient Turkish warrior but with some contemporary leisure-like additions and mostly in darker brown and tan color tones. The image included with this entry is fairly close to my in-dream appearance.

    The different hospitals and such in different time periods seem to have nothing to do with what I am wearing at different times concerning potential anachronisms. At one point I am wearing a fairly simple herringbone suit. It seems completely without logic, although each time, what I am wearing seems “divine” somehow and I feel very powerful and important in my outfits; much more “intense” and purposeful than in many similar dreams. I also have a flaming sword for defense, and at times, some sort of rod that alters energy relative to healing powers. Concerning a few people I heal, there are people worried (not the patient, but certain relatives for the most part and at least one doctor) that I am there to either kill them or take them into “another world” (perhaps Purgatory). I only help people who sincerely believe in my mission to aid them, whether or not they had previous knowledge or belief in what I was. Some seem more receptive than others, but all are willing and eventually appreciative.

    Later on, closer to the last part of my dream, some mindsets seem to think it is impossible to ever get better from an illness, even with the help of a doctor. This seems to be some sort of extreme pattern of not believing in “unseen” aspects, even medicines to some extent and oddly enough, seems to be in the future (about twenty years from now). This ironically seems to be some sort of “full circle” manifestation (and the idea that “fringe medicine” and so called fad diets and higher levels of misinformation will have more influence than ever before in human history). Another group of people believe that illness is caused by “magic”; or another mindset - that being ill is not real but a form of “being superstitious”. In this (seemingly) not-so-distant-future scene, many people (there are a variety of different fringe groups) do not even believe that a condition can be helped by medicinal aid (enforced pessimism it seems), which they see as somewhat of a hit-and-miss affair and perhaps related to the severe shortage of experienced (even qualified) doctors of the recent past. In fact, doctors are fairly rare across the whole world in this dream - many Western regions, oddly enough, do not have any doctors in the actual main cities as different time periods are entered. Medicine itself becomes said to be only “coincidental” when it does seem to work on the person. (Perhaps a person needs to use a “strong imagination” for medicine to work at all.)

    A man annoys me even though he eventually flies around with me (I fly at tremendous speeds in this dream) to watch and learn things from different time periods (only past times) although much of his doubt remains. Even though some of the healing was apparently done by some sort of divine energy, I start to talk about actual Western concepts of medicine, which people seem to have lost knowledge of in just a few years after 2020 or 2030 in many of the more civilized areas.

    The man then goes on talking about how doctors are “only in movies” (as if they could not possibly exist in reality - even though I am still aware that there are doctors in some regions in this other world/time) and that I am probably flying around because of a helicopter holding me up with wires or some such - and he keeps implying that I am only making a movie even though some people are actually healed and up and about by then. I get an impression, due to a newer “science”, that only some people are able to convince themselves to walk for very long from one location to another - due to an odd concept that your legs will only keep working up until a certain total (lifetime) distance is walked (there is even some sort of weird “right leg, left leg averaging” taught in school - a main field of modern “futuristic” mathematics).

    There are even expensive little gadgets that keep track of how much you have walked since your day of birth - most people even look for programmed shortcuts (via localized GPS systems, mostly in shopping malls, in competition with each other based on claims of both price and accuracy) to get to their car or other transport, as well as the steps to the front door of their house, in the shortest amount of steps possible. (There is also a different type of energy used for transport, but I am not certain of what it is). There are a few other unusual events, but these are most of the main aspects, including a PSA on a television where a man announces something like, “Did you know that every time you take that little detour or careless extra step to the side, you may be taking a day off your life… (Music jingle: ‘Don’t wear down the bones in your little toes, keep track of each foot wherever it goes…’) Our no-nonsense GPS systems will benefit you over the other brands and make sure your legs remain in top form for all your extended walking tasks… Don’t worry about becoming jelly-legged before your time”. Cut to divided screen where one brand promo shows a full walk to the car by which the driver smiles and smokes a cigarette after sitting down behind the driver’s seat and sighing in happiness, and the other (of the split-screen promo) where the man gets halfway across the parking lot before his legs collapse and he falls over and cannot move and starts looking worried as vultures and hyenas gather round (animation superimposed on live action).

    Although the first sections of my dream seem intense and serious and more vivid than some dreams, much of the rest seems silly and somewhat annoying - with less implied purpose, though I also get an impression that I healed members of a certain family throughout time, including brothers and sisters in the same family (but half-brothers and half-sisters who may not even know of each other - my wife has younger half-brothers and possibly half-sisters who probably do not even know of her at all).

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