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    Animal Rights Intruder

    by , 08-28-2018 at 01:09 PM (69 Views)
    Morning of August 27, 2018. Monday.

    Reading time: 1 min 31 sec. Readability score: 65.

    I am in our bed at our present address. It seems to be morning, after sunrise. Zsuzsanna is sleeping on my left. The bed is in the correct location. There is light coming from both sides of the closed curtain at the head of our bed.

    RAS mediation takes the typical form as an intrusion, though does not breach my dream self’s side of liminal space. (The avatar remains outside, near our window.)

    Also atypical is that it seems to be serving the opposite purpose it usually does in the final dream of a sleep cycle, sleep reinduction rather than waking. The avatar takes the form of an unfamiliar animal rights activist. The backstory is that our neighbors to our west have several animals on their property, including a few wild animals. (In real life, there are no neighbors to our west as it is the street, but my dream self, despite most of my conscious self identity being present, does not discern this error.)

    The avatar assumes that our house is part of our neighbor’s setup where the animals are. He wants to keep the animals calm by placing large blankets over cages and containers as well as blocking off the areas from each other.

    I become annoyed when it seems he had covered at least the left side of our window with a large blanket and will probably go to the right side. Later, however, when I am awake, I see that the room is light and I realize I had been dreaming.

    This dream (as well as another with a different plot) was unexpectedly precognitive (as they often are even when using typical components and autosymbolism), but only loosely. A worker showed up, illegally (without RTA notice) by the landlord to put in a high solid metal fence division to cut off our backyard from being accessed from our front yard, an incredibly stupid and dangerous idea (as it is even called “death trap” in some regions). No matter, I manually removed it without power tools as soon as the worker left.

    I knew there was something different about this dream. The behavior of the avatar made no sense. It was discerning interconsciousness threads (with no way of me otherwise consciously knowing ahead of time what the plans were).

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