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    The Apocalyptic Floods

    by , 08-03-2014 at 09:06 AM (646 Views)
    Morning of August 3, 2014. Sunday.

    This dream was the same morning as “The Right Student” (posted only on a couple sites) and was quite long and vivid (more vivid than the other dream). It also has a couple of the “same” scenes and overall theme as from my wife’s dream of the same period of time.

    At the beginning, I am aware of an approaching time of tsunamis and floods that will basically destroy much of the world. This is different than other flood dreams, in that the “tidal waves” are unnaturally large (even as high as the atmosphere itself) and widespread, going up and over entire regions. I am not sure of my dream’s location. It may be Brazil.

    There is a point near the beginning where my wife and I seem to have about twenty children (as well as our own real ones being in-dream) or more (all around the same age of about four to ten) - yet they also seem to just appear out of nowhere somewhat like in-dream tulpas, or possibly orphans from previous flooding elsewhere. Still, they all refer to me as their father over time as if this is the “reality” as such. I carry a few here and there. This is before the larger waves approach. It seems to be in a large park just outside the big (unknown) city.

    Later on, I and a few others plan to save a small group of people, to be the only ones left alive on the planet. This seems fairly effortless even when my mental focus is less “precise” (this is not a lucid dream - I take it all as “reality” at the time). When the tsunamis come, they are extremely high and destroy many buildings. However, I have some sort of detailed and “automatic” (survival-oriented) telekinetic nature and am able to cause the water to flow around aspects of the sky and land - there are several points at which the tsunami moves around from what seems to be a huge “invisible dome” created by my telekinetic will, though it is a force and not of any material.

    At various points, we are in buildings that are eventually destroyed. One scene involves an elevator shaft (much the same scenario as my wife’s dream) and another, going out a window of a second or third floor where the water is up to. It is interesting how no one in my localized group is injured or easily washed away as others are.

    In one scene, two cars are going down a road towards where my group and I are. A huge wave slams into one car, carrying it from the road and into the trees while the other car, only a short distance in front of the other, is saved by the forces that block the water under my will. People are glad to be safe in what is technically “the end of the world” - as the waves are worldwide and covering most of the planet. This implies that we will have to live on a makeshift raft-like structure at some future point, I think, although I am able to mentally rebuild a building here and there - even in a scene where water has destroyed a part of a building and where the water is “frozen” in position (though still moving and “cycling” in that isolated position) and bricks float about within the “held spray” before realigning. I save a few people from drowning by mentally lifting them from the water as well as creating an invisible “wall” in some scenes.

    Again, I am not lucid, yet find it interesting that my telekinetic ability is so “automatic” and effortless throughout (and I am not worried that I will perish), although I sense that others are adding to this overall force at times with their own focus and survival instinct. There is also the nature of the water itself, which often seems more reflective than water in real life as well as having its own light-making properties. In some dreams, water and light seem to be some sort of hybrid composite that is not possible in reality.
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    1. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      I have many dreams in which I practice telekinesis, though most are non-lucid. It seems to be effortless and natural for me to use telekinesis in these types of dreams. Cool to see that I am not the only one. Sounds like your telekinesis was quite useful in this dream, and also very strong.
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    2. Blue_Opossum's Avatar
      Thank you very much for the comment. I do find it unusual that most of my telekinetic dreams are non-lucid, and when I am lucid, this does not seem to be a stronger potential ability, though that is not always the case.
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