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    Blocked fire hose

    by , 12-21-1996 at 06:21 PM (60 Views)
    Morning of December 21, 1996. Saturday.

    This was a long dream but with not many clear events. The location is ambiguous and somewhat of a fifty-fifty rendered composite of our Gellibrand Street apartment (in Clayfield - Australia) and my sister’s house on Loomis Street in the USA.

    A fire starts in the house across the street, which seems to be some sort of “poetic justice” in-dream and not a personal concern. Eventually, it is discovered that firefighters are using our water supply to put out the fire. I notice this when I close the front windows and two fire hoses are then blocked. In a short time, I am ordered to reopen them by a few authorities that come onto our porch.

    Instead, I turn off a cassette player that is playing a cassette tape of my personal affirmations that my brother Jim is listening to at a loud volume and otherwise ignore their request.

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    Tags: fire, fire hose