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    Blue Opossum’s Dream Canon Page 1

    by , 07-07-2018 at 01:57 PM (168 Views)
    Blue Opossum’s Dream Canon Page 1

    Afternoon of July 7, 2018. Saturday.

    Henceforth, these pages are to be the sole resource for resolving any potential for erroneous or ambiguous conclusions regarding any content posted in any of my previous entries since 2004.

    What my dreams mainly render:



    What my dreams do NOT viably render:

    Symbolism (in the conventional or non-concurrent sense)

    Please note that any usage of variations of the word “symbol” in my online journal is in reference to autosymbolism (contemporaneous symbolism of the transient dream self of which typically represents the dreaming and waking process itself or subliminal, liminal, or lucid affirmations). For example, “water symbolizing sleep” and “doorway waking symbolism” signifies dream state autosymbolism, not symbolism as implied correlation with waking life (as water neither symbolizes sleep in waking life nor can one walk through a doorway and end up in another realm or with a different state of awareness in waking life). I have recently considered eradicating (editing out) all forms of “symbol” (other than forms using “auto” or as paired with “contemporaneous”) to avoid public misconception about my knowledge or experience or the assumption that I either believe in or accept “dream interpretation” (in the two most common usages of the term) of which I do NOT (and never have, even in childhood).

    Neither non-contemporaneous symbolism nor reading in the non-lucid dream state is either consistently feasible or sustainable. However, reading, as with either discernible print or as implied perception of words and sentences as such, is certainly possible and even common (for people such as me) in dreams, but is typically transient and unstable. (Handwriting or print usually changes in dreams as I focus on it or look away and back again, though not always, as it depends on the specific extent of liminal consciousness.)

    Additionally, it is obviously possible to be subliminally, liminally, or lucidly influenced by inherently spurious “dream dictionary” content. This certainly does not mean that the implied “meaning” or “interpretation” is valid in any way any more than fictitious content from a movie influences or is rendered into a dream.

    What my dreams typically have:

    Verifiable causes

    Verifiable meanings


    Inexplicable (by present era consensus) factors such as literal prescience or transpersonal communication

    What my dreams typically do NOT have:

    Interpretations, by way of either of the two main fallicious usages of the term:

    Superstition, folklore, or “old wives’ tales” (examples being so-called dream dictionaries or the majority of New Age sources and virtually all websites)

    Psychobabble (any form of psychoanalysis, including both “credible” psychology and pseudo-psychology)

    Where my dreams come from or via:

    Preconscious (both personal and transpersonal), by way of RAS (reticular activating system) mediation and modulation.

    Interconsciousness (both personal and transpersonal)

    Emergent Consciousness

    Biological factors (two examples being vestibular system correlation and ultradian rhythm)

    Where my dreams do NOT come from or via:

    Unconscious mind (unless concurrently biological or biologically premonitory)


    If dreams came from or via the unconscious mind, they would mainly occur in slow-wave sleep, not REM sleep.

    The subconscious (which is not a “mind”) has no viable intelligence, critical discernment, temporality (viable discernment of time), or consistent or correlating spatial orientation.

    Obviously, the preconscious utilizes content from the unconscious mind (as well as the interconsciousness and emergent consciousness) but unlike with the conscious self in waking life, it is unlikely to be accurate, to prevent false memories from resulting (though this applies mostly to only non-lucid dreaming and does not wholly apply to inexplicable factors such as remote viewing or prescience). However, whether or not this biologically evolved or is ultimately a result of incidental synaptic XOR gating is presently unresolved.

    What my dream self is:

    Subconscious, personified

    Witness to the Transpersonal Source (non-local consciousness; biological intelligence; interconsciousness)

    Emergent Consciousness (in ordinary lucidity)

    Virtual Model of the Conscious Self Identity (in the highest levels of lucidity only)

    What my dream self is NOT:

    A viable model of the conscious self as in current waking life (primarily only in non-lucidity)

    This entry is subject to change only for purposes of clarification.

    If any content reads as unclear or is perceived as ambiguous, contact me by way of messaging on one of the following sites (order of preference): Twitter (@BlueOpossum), Tumblr (Blue Opossum’s Dream Journal), or my Facebook account via the dream journal website profile.

    Thank you for your time and respect.

    This ends Blue Opossum’s Dream Canon Page 1.

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