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    Blue Opossum’s Dream Canon Page 3

    by , 07-15-2018 at 04:28 AM (256 Views)
    Blue Opossum’s Dream Canon Page 3

    Afternoon of July 9, 2018. Monday.

    Henceforth, these pages are to be the sole resource for resolving any potential for erroneous or ambiguous conclusions regarding any content posted in any of my previous entries since 2004.

    In this entry, I will start to go into more detail about the nature of both lucid and non-lucid dream control. I will look at the most dominating factors of going in and out of the dream state, including the most common (for me) forms of autosymbolism and literalism while deliberately shifting levels of awareness.

    These details will not yet be in any precise order.

    Some of the most common forms of both non-lucid and lucid dream control relate to the following:

    Jumping from a cliff or other high location in semi-lucidity has always produced extraordinary results for me. This augments and sustains vestibular system correlation. Physicality is amplified as well, including the sense of weight and momentum and blissful sustained effortless flight.

    Mentally creating a difficult door to open, usually an old wooden door, and then opening it, or as of late, rapidly flying and phasing through a large locked steel vault door to outside. This was pure bliss and happiness, and occurred in the state of dream self omnipresence (BEING the dream state itself rather than just being “in” it). In some dreams, I pull aside an entire wall as if it was a sliding door. This is very effective for me as well and greatly sustains and vivifies the dream state, where I am then able to summon more denizens as well.

    Using a staircase to go either up or down produces mixed results. The direction of going up or down is more about the level and extent of thinking skills. Each greatly augments the dream state. However, going down a flight of steps augments the summoning factor, where denizens automatically serve me without question, whereas going up a staircase also augments and vivifies the dream state, though is more about being more focused on material awareness, and with dream characters being more of their own essence.

    Coalescence. Sometimes I seek denizens out and coalesce (typically near a train station or lake in a dense forest). Other times, in blissful states, they leap into me as if I were an anthropomorphic swimming pool. These are human forms only, which appear as pale blue silhouettes. In normal dreams, such avatars often coalesce with me with a mutual hug.

    Preconscious avatar traits often include celebrity status, unfamiliar status (unknown person), a dancer, a detective or secret agent, and a knowledge of flight, sometimes angelic or with a divine essence. (These forms of avatars go all the way back to earliest memory and are always part of the same types of dream components, even usually in the same order.) The dancing factor is obviously related to fluidity of movement as associated with vestibular system correlation as analogous to a form of flight and augmented control of physicality and “balance” in liminal space. When the avatar is not personified, it often has feline characteristics, sometimes as an actual domestic cat. In other cases, the factor, when transitioning by way of the interconsciousness, is rendered as a very realistic bird that seems the most likely and direct autosymbolism of transpersonal communication, typically an exotic bird. The most vivid form is a resplendent quetzal or in some cases, a hummingbird. Birds also represent a specific level of vestibular system correlation, especially as they fly with little effort.

    In other cases, the preconscious avatar rapidly shifts within hundreds of different identities in a few minutes. This always triggers a sustained dream state and enhanced lucidity. In one dream, I was sitting on Zsuzsanna’s left (on our couch) which is how we rarely sit in waking life. Zsuzsanna was becoming different avatars, easily more than one per second. I sat there watching and realized I was in the dream state to my amusement, which automatically vivified the scenario. I created a difficult door to open (in this case, a rendering of our front door), opened it, and saw a long series of small stages on each side of the street. Birds were frozen as silhouettes in midair (which is another method of sustaining and vivifying the dream state). Each stage had a denizen devoted to my existence and focus.

    In this dream canon, I will give more and more past examples with actual dream content, trying to be as clear and direct as possible. I will also go into more detail about how dream state symbolism (autosymbolism) has nothing at all to do with waking life symbolism or the so-called subconscious as most “interpreters” (including “experts” and “professionals”) pretend. This might prove to be valuable, as I see more and more people turning to superstitious rubbish and common misconceptions. I am thinking of even including lists of self-evident questions so that some people might be able to decide or learn it for themselves.

    This entry is subject to change only for purposes of clarification.

    If any content reads as unclear or is perceived as ambiguous, contact me by way of messaging on one of the following sites (order of preference): Twitter (@BlueOpossum), Tumblr (Blue Opossum’s Dream Journal), or my Facebook account via the dream journal website profile.

    Thank you for your time and respect.

    This ends Blue Opossum’s Dream Canon Page 3.

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