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    The Buzzard that Would Be King

    by , 06-26-1971 at 12:26 PM (586 Views)
    Saturday, 26 June 1971. 1,650-M2. 48 second read.

    I soar through the blue sky alongside an American black vulture, but I am unwary.

    He flies on my left until he dives. I expect him to attack the townspeople below. (There is a vague association with Shakespeare’s “King Lear.”)

    The mood becomes cheerful. The “palace” far below appears to be the DeSoto County Courthouse. I hear people cheering and see a ticker-tape parade.

    I see people carry the vulture down the building’s outer steps in a palanquin, as he immediately becomes their king. “Pomp and Circumstance” (“Graduation March Song”) plays.

    I zoom in. From the left, I see the vulture sitting inside the palanquin. The bird has knees like a human instead of bird legs and wears a crown.

    I rise into the blue sky as I wake up laughing aloud.

    Note: People called vultures “buzzards” when I lived in Florida, thus my original title.

    My dream begins with the physiological influence of vestibular-motor sensations (from REM atonia). It changes from spontaneous vestibular-motor responses to controlled and more defined.

    The vulture’s flying and diving transitions to his non-flight (becoming more human-like) and descending a staircase.

    A crown appears with increased dream state awareness. It reveals higher metacognitive management of the dream state.

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