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    A City Bus Descends a Staircase (Double Vestibular)

    by , 11-23-2015 at 05:23 PM (46 Views)
    Morning of November 23, 2015. Monday.

    Dream#: 17,871-03. 1 min 50 sec read.

    I am with my family on a city bus. I have no thoughts of our destination. The bus is crowded, mostly with unknown people who are in a cheerful mood. (The first location seems to be the second floor of the Rose Street building in La Crosse, though I have not lived there since 1967.)

    Eventually, the bus reaches the end of a hall, near the top step of a staircase. I first consider the steps as possibly too steep for the bus to descend safely.

    However, the bus smoothly descends the staircase after slowly tipping forward. The bus driver is cheerful and competent.

    Once we reach the bottom of the staircase and emerge from a doorway, the bus continues down a city street in the late morning, my dream being a little more vivid for a short time, though I am still not thinking about our destination.

    Understanding Dream Content Causation for Clarity of Mind:

    A staircase often features because of the vestibular phasing of REM sleep and may include imaginary kinesthesia. The fundamental imperative of dreaming in the last stage of sleep is to establish mind-body reconnectivity to resolve and stabilize physicality. Staircases have continually featured in my dreams because of this type of predictable cortical phasing for over 50 years.

    In this dream, being on a bus is also the result of the vestibular phasing of REM sleep and also includes imaginary kinesthesia. This kind of dreaming experience has the typification of “Double Vestibular.” I might otherwise be “walking with intent” to vivify my dream while descending or ascending the staircase, or I might be slowly flying in a standing position over any missing steps as I have often done in dreams since childhood. In another, a girl drove a bus off the edge of a second-level car park. Even though I felt the kinesthetic drop, I remained in my dream as it vivified and continued for several minutes after the bus landed on the road below.

    Here, my emergence is passive, and the bus represents my illusory dream body. It is self-evident. Both a bus and my body is a vehicle. In other dreams, buses fly (as I also do each sleep cycle), or I might guide a bus over a river or a narrow girder that connects two skyscrapers. I might ride a bicycle down a staircase or smoothly slide down as if my shoes served as skis.

    How is this dream the opposite of the outcome that has occurred virtually every sleep cycle for over 50 years? My initial dream is also a result of predictable vestibular phasing and also includes imaginary kinesthesia. It is the walking, losing my footing, and quick fall (with myoclonus). The fall, often blissful, is precursory to entering deeper sleep.

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