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    Coelophysis, Pandas, and Fire

    by , 11-09-2019 at 11:20 AM (89 Views)
    Morning of November 9, 2019. Saturday.

    Dream #: 19,318-01. Reading time: 45 sec.

    Bushfires are coming closer to our home, though my dream self does not attain the correct recall of where we live in reality. The location at times resembles a 3rd Street area of La Crosse (rather than anywhere in Australia). I walk through an unfamiliar alley where there are cylindrical metal garbage cans instead of the modern plastic wheelie bins.

    There are areas where I see only gray ash and smoke. For some reason, dump trucks are carrying big loads of ashes from different locations. (I see this instead of any firefighting.) I am not in danger at any point, but Coelophysis appear at times, running in random directions. The fire is so extensive that it is burning areas never seen by humans. It is from where these dinosaurs are coming (nonsensical dream “logic,” though it is similar to other dreams where deeper in a forest meant longer ago in history).

    A panda climbs out of the reach of one small fire. Lassie and his owner (a young boy) are looking around for people to help. A fishing boat is sitting in the mud, as the water had lowered.

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