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    Comet Girl

    by , 08-15-1990 at 02:15 PM (183 Views)
    Night of August 15, 1990. Wednesday.

    Prior to contacting my wife-to-be for the very first time in waking reality, I had a very vivid dream of two comets orbiting each other in a very close spiral pattern and becoming the Yin Yang symbol for a time. The feeling of Fall/Autumn seems slightly enhanced. The pattern of the two “comets” eventually turned into a Paisley design after moving apart again. I am also aware of one-half of the Yin-Yang symbol floating out over the ocean (seemingly from another country far away), like a sort of intelligently guided swirl - and I feel a sense of peace. It moves in a circle, but at times becomes comet-like again - leaving a trail of subtle sparks and brilliant wavy lines.

    After several minutes, the swirling light becomes of human form and “lands” on the shore, near the ocean. (The original objects appeared to come to me from the south.)

    It turned into a girl named Amelia (wearing a Paisley dress) possibly of about seven to nine years of age (no older than twelve), standing on rocks a bit out from the shore. I “knew” she was my future daughter Amelia (in complete contrast to when my “mystery girl”, that is, Zsuzsanna, appeared in a dream). She is seemingly wearing an old-fashioned dress with a blue and gold flower design.

    There is also a curious feeling of peace and assurance that seems to be coming from some sort of “superior force” (of nature?).

    The Paisley design represents another subtle form of the Yin Yang symbol for me. This was a fairly common “pre-anniversary” dream, where the date prior to the precognitive link matches (in this case, my real daughter’s birthday). My wife-to-be, without any clues or cues from me, told me that she liked the name “Amelia” and thus we decided on this as a first name before we even met.

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