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    by , 03-17-2014 at 07:35 PM (164 Views)
    Night of March 17, 2014. Monday.

    Having made six more deliberate (precision-wise) “portal” potentials with a third-person phrasing (other than the usual first or sometimes second-person aspects) with my special audio, I reached a state (which is still residual) that is comparable to an intensely blissful “flesh continuously melting off my body” effect - again, a sort of “misty” feeling, that is; my body being made of a light mist and with an enhanced conscious focus. I have always wondered why this was the case - that is, why my special audio is seemingly more powerful (and in-state controllable) than any type of drug - at least with regard to imagery and physical comfort as well as less randomness during the same time period. Certainly the mind can be set in this way with healthy methods such as this (without external chemicals of any kind) - which changes the perception of the body and instigates automatic deeper breathing and an overwhelming urge to continuously stretch every muscle which I eventually learned years ago was very important to maintain health and balance energy. Sleep paralysis is quite blissful as well (though many people write about it in a way that is completely different than how I have normally experienced it and even associate it with nightmares).

    I first shift through various environments, mostly forest-like. However, there is one area that is somewhat like a large fountain of some sort, of moss-covered rock, with steps of the same general appearance going up to one edge. I am not fully sure of the purpose. It is almost more like a very small swimming area that goes around to make the doubled outline of a large square. I thought it might be something more relevant to the outside of a building for decorative purposes (similar to a flower-box), but I see no buildings or shelters of any kind or perhaps the building had fallen with the external bordering pool or fountain still left standing. The water itself is very clear and pure and I believe someone may be swimming there but not sure who. The area is going through some sort of growing speed of transition as I feel a sense of bliss in the changes and momentum, even in the very air around me.

    Later, a girl (unknown) is seated in a meditation position on the ground in a clearing, cross-legged and radiating some sort of magnetic-like pattern, which seems to have an effect on the direction the wind is blowing and how the plants are growing. She lifts her hands up on my approach and a bright cloud-like form moves about her hands, superimposed on the palms somewhat and “wiggling” a bit in the air, rapidly. This is some sort of healing energy, which intensifies my lucidity for a time. I do not speak to any of the characters or to the environment itself as I sometimes do.

    Another female (unknown) is on her stomach on a large branch of an ancient tree (possibly cypress, but not certain - it is not really that swampy or marshy) more than six feet up, it seems. Either her “hair” is long, large black and white feathers that are swept back, or it is some sort of headdress. Silvery eyes watch me. There is a slight but genuine smile, but more like a subtle patronizing regarding the tolerance of my presence. I sense smaller animals scurrying about in the underbrush, perhaps woodland voles. There is a strong scent of damp Earth. I almost get the impression of being seen as a “pet” by the universe or entities around, but that is probably oversimplification.

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