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    Corpse at the Bottom of the Stairs

    by , 07-16-2018 at 09:10 AM (137 Views)
    Morning of July 16, 2018. Monday.

    My dream takes place in a new variation of our present home. There is an unknown male present, though I do not perceive him as an intruder. There is an awareness of the Rose Street apartment, which eventually fuses into the setting as our present house is then on the second floor.

    An unknown male comes up the staircase into our home, and this male, I do see as an intruder. (It is the personification of RAS.) I non-lucidly modulate my dream and force him out. Other people are present for a time. (My perception is not clear due to non-lucidly modulating over RAS before the ultradian rhythm peak, as I went to sleep about an hour later than I usually do.)

    Before the preconscious avatar leaves my dream, I see him down in an alley, which is reminiscent of where Dennis (older half-brother on my mother’s side) lived in La Crosse years ago. I stay on the second floor at this time. There appears to be someone on their back in the alley, and this causes the preconscious avatar to run off. I am uncertain if it is a person or an arrangement of clothes and boots. I see a couple of other unknown people. “Is there anyone in there,” I ask. I am asking the others if there is someone “inside” the arrangement of clothing.

    Very curiously, Harriet Madeley (as Scarlett in “Waking David” from 2016), as the interconsciousness avatar, walks into our lounge room from the front door. (I do not become lucid at any point. I only remember the autosymbolic factors and dynamics of the dream state, of which I have often used to non-lucidly control my dream since I was a toddler. However, as I said above, my ultradian rhythm is skewed, altering my potential status of lucidity.)

    I follow Harriet, who takes on nuances of Zsuzsanna without my dream self being aware of this. We slowly walk down the stairs, which is difficult because each step has boxes and miscellaneous items on it. My dream becomes more and more vivid as I walk down the stairs, about four steps behind her.

    We are in what seems to be an outside area near the bottom of the stairs. I see what appears to be a corpse. The body is on its back. I associate it with Kristy Bruce (as Amy from “Waking David” - though she did not die in the movie). My dream starts to become more vivid as I gaze at it. Harriet, walking away, cheerfully says something about the corpse’s status and its identity. I do not recall what she said. I consider if it is a real corpse or street art. I wonder if it is papier-mâché. Her face is flat and skull-like, covered with wrinkled yellow skin. There is somewhat of an eerie feeling but no sense of fear. I slowly wake.

    The movie title “Waking David” had been on my mind (though did not dominate my thoughts), which had produced much of my dream’s autosymbolism. The interconsciousness is probably laughing at me for not perceiving the associations. It is presently very rare for me to use a staircase and not become lucid. I have used this factor in RAS mediation since I was a toddler. The corpse was autosymbolism for both my lack of lucidity and the inactivity of my physical body. The vestibular system correlation of using the staircase as a typical trigger to vivify and sustain the dream state was not as focused as it usually is, which was represented by the clutter on the steps. Factors of lucidity mainly stem from ultradian rhythm. (This is apparently why the WBTB method works for some who need to “attempt” to become lucid). I do not use so-called reality checks, as it biologically corrupts the purpose of the reticular formation and my dream self is not my conscious self identity. Additionally, it stabilizes my dream where I then think I am awake, so it does not work for me. The hand trick does not work either. If I suspect I am dreaming, my hands become more realistic and tangible, the opposite of what others claim.

    Readability score: 68. Correctness of writing: 100. Intellectual value: 75.

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