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    The Dig (telepathic)

    by , 04-13-2016 at 10:13 AM (41 Views)
    Morning of April 13, 2016. Wednesday.

    Dream #: 18,013-03. Reading time (optimized): 2 min 15 sec.

    As in real life, there is machinery and noise at the corner where they are removing a big tree stump. However, at one point in my dream, it seems to be occurring earlier, before sunrise. I go into the front (computer) room as well as onto our front porch. Somehow, the machinery is causing vibrations that alter everything in the neighborhood by causing dirt to vanish from deep in the ground throughout the location, causing the topsoil to collapse, of which I get a strong impression, which creates an unusual but vivid physical awareness of the whole setting and its changes.

    Our home shakes and vibrates. I am vividly aware of large sections of dirt falling from the underside of our house. I think this may eventually interfere with the plumbing or electrical system. It does not occur to me that this is an invalid concept as there is no dirt on the underside of our house (as it is on stumps with the ground over two feet below it).

    My concern about our house changes in an offset dream of about the same clarity. I decide that, since they are removing a stump from a public area, I should remove the buried stump from our backyard near the fictitious southwest space and west fence. My dream’s setting of our whole yard (though most everything else in our neighborhood, including our house, stays of the same orientation otherwise) looks nothing like our yard other than if the external layout is mirrored from north to south and from that, flipped east to west, yet with the real-life stump otherwise near the southeast corner (though not of the same appearance as the tree stump in my dream) rotated ninety degrees west.

    It does not take much effort at all to dig a little bit and pull out the large tree stump solely with my bare hands, interestingly enough, though this impossibility does not dawn on me at all. I carry it around to our front yard and also see that I have found a sign buried near the stump. I bring it out to the council workers who are mostly sitting on the curb or working across the street. One man, while sitting on our curb, looks at the sign (which is about two by three feet but very light wood) and seems puzzled.

    “I did this one,” he says, referring to the white sign which has his signature under a filled-in work number from several years ago. It turns out to be a warning to not touch the buried stump (despite the sign being underground as well) due to it being highly toxic. (I do not question why the city council would bury a toxic tree stump from elsewhere, such as a park, in someone’s yard.) This exchange causes me to feel foolish in having removed the stump but also to question why they are removing tree stumps from public places while burying poisoned ones in people’s yards.

    Update (July 2020): My dream was partly telepathic, but ironically, the information I was picking up from someone turned out to be incorrect. After this dream, a taxi driver told me the city council would be removing all the trees on our street (which has not happened). He oddly assumed that the new posts around the trees were for poisoning them when they were mostly to hold reflectors.

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